ALL-ON-Fiber OverDenture

ALL-ON-Fiber OverDenture


Description: Hybrid restoration (Fixed-Detachable) or ALL-ON- 4 , 5 or 6

Indications: Edentulous

Material CompositionCST :  Cable Stayed Framework  and Ivocap Process Denture ; Composite teeth

Advantages:  Affordable biocompatible option for the patient – CST is  $1,000.00 CHEAPER than metal bars!  Gives patients the esthetics and comfort of their own dentition. Frames manufactured out of compressible hybrid fiber design for optimized physical strength.

CST :  Cable Stayed Framework  – IMPLANT FRAMEWORK

Major evolution in fiber design and application: an ingeniously simple concept for fabricating an implant supported fiber structure for fixed/hybrid dentures, popularized by solutions like the All-on-4 implant system.

CST® fibers have elastic properties that are much closer to acrylic than metal. The key term is “visco elastic”. Visco elastic materials will deform under stress loads but return to their original shape or form as long as those stress loads don’t surpass certain levels. The key benefit of visco elasticity is that it reduces peak stress loads by stretching out the load “period”. Like cable stayed bridges and reinforced concrete which themselves take advantage of visco elasticity, the CST® concept results in strong and durable prostheses in part due to the high degree of compatibility between the CST® fibers and the acrylics or composites flowed or “processed” around the CST® framework. The strength of the finished prostheses is also impacted by the chemical compatibility between the CST® fibers and the acrylic – they chemically bond.

fiberforce implant


The addition of glass fibers has consistently been shown to increase the fracture resistance of the dental acrylics. In one study, the fracture resistance of denture acrylic increased by 280% with the addition of FiBER FORCE® mesh fibers at a volume of 25% by weight. FiBER FORCE® CST® frameworks processed in acrylic have been shown to resist forces of 400 daN (880 lb.). On a distal extension of 11mm a fracture resistance of 92 daN (202 lb.) has been demonstrated – 200% more than an unreinforced distal extension. As maximum generated posterior intraoral forces – as opposed to functional forces, which are much lower – are generally accepted to be in the region of 50 daN (110 lb.), FiBER FORCE® CST® structures have demonstrated sufficient physical strength to stand up to even the most extreme intra-oral forces.

Limitations: is only detachable by the clinician

Insertion: Screw-retained

Partners in Precision Case Planning ensures a positive dental experience for you patient and a vital part of the case planning process. Consult our Implant Specialist to discuss the complexities of your case. We will work with you towards creating precise and beautifully aesthetic prostheses.

Send us your fixture level impression, along with a photocopy of your surgeon’s reporting letter and let us take care of the rest.

To discover how we can benefit your practice contact our Implant Specialist , for treatment plan options.

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