The Silencer®

The Silencer®



The Silencer has proven extremely effective in treating snoring and sleep apnea. The device is designed to allow the advancement of the mandible through a controlled range of forward movement while at the same time allowing for a limited amount of vertical and lateral movement

Since the early 1990s The Silencer® has been used successfully by dentists to help their patients, and sleep partners live a longer and more restful life.

Invented by Dr. Wayne HalstromThe Silencer® as a snoring device features a key component milled from titanium called the Halstrom Hinge It is this patented and remarkably simple, yet elegant design, that provides this oral appliance with it’s unique abilities.

The unique features of The Silencer with the patented titanium Halstrom Hinge™ maximize patient comfort, deliver optimal treatment results, and satisfy true long-term treatment objectives. Simply put, these features provide a level of precision and adjustability that cannot be achieved with springs, gears, or elastics. Over long-term wear all oral appliances will experience breakage. During any failure of the connecting mechanism no parts are able to come loose and create a risk of aspiration. This is a truly unique patient safety feature of The Silencer®.


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