Occlusal Reduction Rings

Occlusal Reduction Rings



Verifying the inter-occlusal clearance created during a crown and bridge preparation is often difficult. If mounted models with final dies show insufficient reduction to fabricate the requested prosthesis, it could result in a compromised restoration, which could mean time-wasting re-preparation, or the additional expense of a lab fabricated reduction coping. The Occlusal Reduction Ring has been developed to spare you both unnecessary inconveniences.

This simple-to-use and disposable instrument will ensure the prepared tooth is reduced according to standard requirements for PFM crowns and bridges, all porcelain crowns, and veneers. It features a long handle and off-set ring in three available sizes (1.0, 1.5, and 2.00mm) to reflect the minimum reduction guidelines required for the most common full coverage or partial coverage restorations. The Occlusal Reduction Ring will provide greater visibility and easier access than clearance tabs and works equally well with posterior and anterior preparations (simply adjust the ring for perpendicular placement).

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