Cadcam Crowns Bridges

Cadcam Crowns Bridges


CAD / CAM Dentistry

Your patients come to you because they trust you, period. With that trust comes a huge responsibility—that of ensuring the treatments you recommend are the very best choice for the individual. As a dental professional, it also requires you to offer the very latest in scientific advancement, and dental CAD/CAM technology is the best options developed over the last few decades.

When you recommend a restorative device such as a crown or bridge, CAD/CAM enables the digital design of your patient’s restoration. This information is then sent to digitally-connected milling machine. The software guides the equipment to sculpt the device from a section of restorative material, which vastly reduces the margin for error.

How Dental CAD/CAM Technology Works

Still one of the newer advancements in dentistry, an intra-oral scanner enables you to take extremely accurate digital impressions of the patient’s mouth, after you have corrected any tooth damage that exists and prepared the tooth to receive the restoration. The technician then uses software to create a virtual replacement for any missing areas of the tooth using a reverse engineering process, which results in a computer-generated design.

The final design is sent to digitally-connected milling equipment, and the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) process begins. During this process the complete restoration milled, usually from a solid block of ceramic or composite resin, which closely match the shade of the restored tooth as well as the surrounding teeth. Stains and glazes are fired to the surface of the device, which makes it appear more natural.

The device is delivered to the dentist, who fits it in the patient’s mouth and cements or bonds it into position. While many dentists use chairside dental CAD/CAM for patients, it remains a hefty financial investment for individual practices, as well as requiring more time on the part of the dentist for performing the process. This makes laboratory CAD/CAM a more feasible and convenient option for many dental professionals.

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Benefits of Using CAD/CAM Dentistry

The dental CAD/CAM process offers a number of advantages for the dentists and prosthodontists who make use of our services. These include:

  • A rapid turnaround time, which enables you to provide fast service for your patients
  • Greater precision engineering than traditional restorations
  • Better fit, which gives your patients more comfort and functionality from their oral restorations
  • Perfect synergy with the remaining teeth, ensuring the patient’s smile is as beautiful as it can be.

Equip your dental office with the ability to serve more patients because of the speed and convenience, and discover the benefits of increased revenue as a result.

The Baluke Process

At Baluke Dental Studios, we take pride in delivering your dental CAD/CAM products with the professionalism you have come to expect from us. Our products are made from quality materials and precision-milled to ensure a consistent fit. We aim to provide the highest standards of craftsmanship in restorative dentistry available, along with all the technical advice and assistance your dental office needs.

Corey Lewis, our CAD/CAM specialist, has more than 23 years’ experience in the field, and he uses a meticulous and well-organized methodology to consistently deliver the digital restorations you want, with the high quality you need.

Enjoy providing your patients with a perfect dental CAD/CAM restorative product, engineered according to the most accurate measurements and delivered in the shortest possible time.

Product Description

Description: Dental CAD/CAM milled Sub-Structure/Full-Contour Restorations

Indications: Crowns and Bridges up to 14 units and over Implants / Implant Abutments/Provisional Restorations.

Material Composition:

  • Coping: Dense sintered Zirconia sub-structure.
  • Cover: Custom Ivoclar Porcelain
  • Framework: Titanium Alloy / Zirconia
  • Implant Abutments: Zirconia
  • Full-Contour Crowns: Zirconia

Advantages:  Precision Milled.  Biocompatible materials ensure consistent precision fit, soft tissue support. Unsurpassed esthetics. High flexural strength, optimal fit. Extensive 5-Year warranty.

Limitations: No significant limitations

Insertion: Panavia V5 recommended.

Preparation:  CAD/CAM Prep

For more information on our dental CAD/CAM products and services, please contact Baluke Dental Studios at 1-800-263-3099 today.


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