CAD/CAM Crowns & Bridges


Description: CAD/CAM milled Sub-StructureIMG_2123

Indications: Crowns and Bridges up to 14 units and over Implants

Material Composition:

  • Coping: Dense sintered pure Aluminous oxide sub-structure.
  • Cover: Custom Ivoclar Porcelain
  • Framework: Titanium Alloy

Advantages:  Precision Milled.  Biocompatible materials ensure consistent precision fit, IMG_2125soft tissue support. Unsurpassed esthetics. Light in weight. High flexural strength, optimal fit. Extensive 5-Year warranty.

Limitations:No significant limitations

Insertion: Panavia 21 bonding recommended, rely X luting cement

Preparation:  CADCAM_Prep

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