Implant Stents

Implant Stents


Description: Clear Implant Stent

Implant dentistry is a prosthetically driven treatment modality. Communication between the restoring dentist, surgeon and lab technician is critical to treatment success.

The use of surgical stents communicates the desired position and angulations of the implant. Ensuring that the restorative phase of treatment does not encounter problems that can compromise the esthetic outcome, or complicate oral hygiene for the patient.

The buccal lingual placement and parallelism of endosseous implants is important for the implant surgeon and the restorative dentist alike.

Description: Radiographic Stent

The pivotal point in treatment planning for dental implants occurs when the location of bone is viewed radiographically in the context of the planned prosthesis. Radiographic planning for dental implant therapy should be used only after a review of the patient’s systemic health, imaging history, oral health, and local oral conditions.

The radiological diagnostic and planning procedure for dental implants can only be fully achieved with the use of a well-designed and -constructed radiographic guide. Improving implant surgery planning and performance.

Partners in Precision Case Planning ensures a positive dental experience for you patient and a vital part of the case planning process. Consult our Implant Specialist to discuss the complexities of your case. We will work with you towards creating precise and beautifully aesthetic prostheses.

Send us your fixture level impression, along with a photocopy of your surgeon’s reporting letter and let us take care of the rest.

To discover how we can benefit your practice contact our Implant Specialist , for treatment plan options.


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