Implant Stents

Implant Stents


Implant Stents – Accurate Implantation Guides

Implantation has emerged as the most reliable method to replace lost teeth. Patients can enjoy full function with natural biting and chewing force, and a brilliant esthetic that inspires confidence. Dental professionals rely on many tools and procedures in the implant process. Radiographic implant stents are used as guides to ensure that implant placement is accurate and supportive of positive patient outcomes.

Baluke Dental Studios is the leading dental laboratory in Ontario and Canada, serving clinicians throughout every province and territory. Learn why radiographic implant stents matter and how the use of implant surgical guides ensures better results.

Precise Radiographic Implant Stents are Necessary for the Implantation Process

Not every clinician uses implant stents for every procedure. If the clinician is familiar and comfortable with the anatomy, implant stents may not be needed. However, there is risk involved when procedures are completed without radiographic implant stents. What appears to be a successful surgery could present issues with placement and compatibility later on. This could result in failed implants, damage to prosthetics, and even damage to the natural teeth surrounding the prosthetics.

While implant stents aren’t always used for implant surgery, Baluke Dental Studios firmly believes that they should be.

Implant stents like radiographic implant stents ensure:

  • Correct positioning and placement.
  • Positive long-term surgical outcomes.
  • Satisfied patients.
  • Better function of prosthetics.
  • Improved reputation for the dental practice.

Avoid the risk of failed implants by insisting on accurate radiographic implant stents from Baluke Dental Studios. With our case planning and management service, we are uniquely prepared to create the ideal restorative solutions for every patient.

Digital Dental Implant Surgical Guides vs Traditional Impressions

Many practices are moving away from traditional impressions in favor of digital dental implant surgical guides. As a full-service laboratory, we can work with both methods, although accuracy and patient outcomes are improved with the use of digital dental implant surgical guides.

Digital dental implant surgical guides are created from CT scan data. We can work with your files to produce accurate digital dental implant surgical guides that lack any of the inconsistencies that are sometimes present with traditional dental impression methods.

Accurate imaging is key to successful dental restoration. We recommend that practitioners transition to 3D CT scans (cone-beam imaging) and digital dental implant surgical guides for higher precision during the planning and the surgical processes.

Radiographic Stents Support the Entire Restoration Process

The use of radiographic stents and the underlying cone-beam CT technology is a key aspect of the larger restoration process.

  • Volumetric imaging is used by the most successful practitioners with the strongest reputations in their local markets.
  • CT scans and radiographic stents improve treatment planning and allow for the use of advanced software to develop solutions.
  • CAD and CAM procedures (design and manufacturing) eliminate inconsistencies and ensure that both the surgical process and the prosthetics are suited to the patient.
  • Clinicians that understand the benefits of radiographic stents and computer-aided laboratory fabrication are more likely to succeed vs. their competition.

Baluke Dental Studios is here to support your practice with the most advanced laboratory services including planning and production of radiographic stents and the prosthetics that will be used for restoration.

Our laboratory technicians can produce the most accurate radiographic stents as well as temporary and permanent prosthetics for your patients. Talk to us today to begin the consultation process. We can support clinicians throughout Canada from our laboratory in Ontario.

Stents and Case Planning from Baluke Dental Studios

Stents can be produced in restrictive and non-restrictive variants. Restrictive is the ideal solution in most cases as it guides surgical drilling without deviation.

  • Clear Implant Stents: Implant stents can be produced in a clear material to improve visibility during the surgical procedure. Clear stents accurately guide the position and angulation of implants.
  • Radiographic Stents:Treatment planning is supported with radiographic imaging where the anatomical structure can be viewed in accurate detail. The diagnostic, planning, and surgical procedures are all improved when working with radiographic stents produced by Baluke Dental Studios.

Our expert case planning service results in high-quality surgeries where implants are perfectly positioned to support positive long-term results. Fewer failures and complications occur when using accurate implant stents from Baluke.

We are your Partners in Precision for the best restorative procedures in Canada. Talk to our Implant Specialist today to discuss the complexities of your case and provide implant services with esthetic and function that set you apart from the competition.

Treatment plan options and consultation are available today. Baluke is the leading dental laboratory in Canada for implant stents and custom restorative components.


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