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Dental Images Products Shop

Baluke Dental Studios – Laboratory Products

At Baluke Dental Studios we provide the most comprehensive range of laboratory services and related products for clinicians throughout Canada. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, we serve every province and territory in the Nation.

CAD/CAM Crowns & BridgesBrowse all our products and services and contact us today to begin Partners in Precision case management. 

Canada’s Most Advanced Dental Studio

Baluke Dental Studios is the most advanced dental laboratory offering a broad range of products and services to meet the needs of clinicians and their patients. We have supported clinicians all across Canada throughout the decades, and our innovation and quality of work are highly regarded.

We are a Digital Image Dental Lab

Baluke Dental Studios is a digital image dental lab, and our technicians can work with your digital files for custom restorations. The industry is largely moving away from physical impressions and models, relying on digital image dental labs to process the data created using handheld scanners.

There are many advantages created by this shift in process, and as a digital image dental lab, we are ready to pass them all on to you.

  • Digital scans are more accurate and lack the technical downsides of physical impressions and models.
  • Handheld oral scanners are more convenient and comfortable for patients.
  • You can immediately send scans to our digital image dental lab from anywhere in Canada.
  • Digital scans are used for CAD/CAM fabrication for the most accurate restorative and cosmetic components.

You’ll find many of our digital image dental lab products listed here in our online store. See our CAD/CAM Crowns & Bridges for one of the best examples of how digital imaging and fabrication can produce the best patient outcomes.

What is the Cost of Dental Appliances and Custom Fabrication?

Whether considering custom dental appliances or other components, the cost is variable.

Our online store is designed to provide an overview of our products and services as well as pricing for our sundries. Customized dental appliances and other items are priced based on the complexity of the work and the materials used. We will consult with you to find the most affordable solutions when you need dental appliances or any of our laboratory services.

Pricing for dental appliances and other laboratory work is competitive with the industry, and Baluke Dental Studios is fully transparent when it comes to billing and our processes.

Trust in the best dental appliance fabrication when you work with the experts at Baluke.

Browse Our Dental Images and Products

Where available, our products and services are provided with dental images (product photography) to provide reference and context. Feel free to browse all the products and services from our dental studio and visit the corresponding pages to learn more about each item.

Dental images are provided by both Baluke Dental Studios and our partner suppliers. In many cases, these are generic images with limited customization shown and may not represent the full detail or complexity of the final product.

As an example, dental images for many of our dental appliances are for reference only, but the actual appliance will have some variation when formed for your unique cases.

If you need specific dental images relating to our products and services, if you want to learn more about a particular product or service, or if you have general questions about anything that we offer, please contact us today. Our case managers are standing by to help you plan for the most effective treatments, whether you need restoration or cosmetic components, orthodontic devices, or custom appliances for apnea, snoring, bruxism, or TMJ disorders.

If you have your own dental images that you wish to share, please contact us. We are happy to work with clinicians to produce case studies and posts for our blog. We are educators as well as innovators in the dental laboratory field and strive to advance the treatment options and level of care for patients throughout Canada.

Browse Our Online Store and Contact Baluke Dental Studios to Begin Case Planning

Our online store is your guide to Baluke Dental Studios’ products and services. When it’s time to begin case planning, simply contact us to begin the consultation process.