When Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) relationships do not coincide with dental occlusion or teeth occlude abnormally, muscles may become tender. TMJ problems, when left untreated, lead to osteoarthritis, osteoarthrosis, and degenerative joint disease.


Description: Plastic elastic appliances that fit over the upper or lower teeth and provide a surface for the dentist to control how the teeth opposite the splint will hit.

Indications:  Patients whom grind or clench their teeth;  headache sufferers; sinus pain ; clicking jaw joints; chronic neck pain  and shoulder pain  Patients with a History of trauma (sports, auto accidents…) With help to Reduce migraine headaches.

Material Composition: Copolyester. Occlusal splints are typically constructed of hard acrylic resin.

Advantages: Control the positioning of the jaw and use the splint to reduce forces to the affected temporomandibular joints, relax muscles, and prevent further wear on natural teeth from grinding forces.

Working days in lab : 2


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