Cast Partial Frameworks

Cast Partial Frameworks

Baluke Dental has Three (3) Alloy Options Available:

  1. Baluke Exclusive Premium House – Primo-Cast™ – Cast Frame:  Material Composition GM280: Cobalt 61% ; Chromium 28% ; Molybdenum 8% ; Si 1.5%
  2. BEGO™ – Cast Frame:  Material Composition Wironit LA : Co 63.5%; Cr 229%; Mo 5.0%; Si 1.2%; Mn .C. N. Ta
  3. Vitallium™– Cast Frame:  Material Composition Vitallium 2000; Manufacturer Dentsply Austenal Co 63.1%; Cr 28.5%; Mo 6.0%; Mn <1.0%; Si <1.0%; C <1.0%; N <1.0%

Dental Cast Frameworks

At the most advanced dental laboratory in Canada, our experienced technicians create accurate and durable dental cast frameworks for your restoration needs. As a supplier to both clinicians and smaller dental laboratories, Baluke Dental Studios is the best option for dental cast partials.

Learn why accuracy matters, consider our preferred materials, and contact us to get started with consultation for dental cast frameworks today.

The Most Advanced and Accurate Dental Cast Frameworks

Dental cast frameworks can be produced using physical models the traditional way. Our technicians are highly skilled when working with physical components and dental models, allowing for the best fit and suitability for the restoration procedure.

We also offer digital frameworks utilizing CAD/CAM processes.

Removable partial dentures are indicated in cases where patients have missing teeth in either arch. This type of restoration is affordable and technically non-invasive, although there is chair side work needed to fit and retain the dentures.

Patients benefit from cast partial frameworks and dentures in several ways:

  • Dental cast frameworks with dentures are more affordable than implants.
  • The recovery time is nil, compared to weeks or months for implants and dentures.
  • Patients who can’t have implants due to health conditions can restore their bite and smile with dental cast frameworks and dentures.
  • Cost is minimized compared to implants and crowns or implants and dentures.
  • Patients will enjoy improved mastication, esthetics, and pronunciation with partial dentures.
  • A complete smile will boost self-esteem and confidence.

When treating a patient with partial dentures, insist on the best dental cast frameworks from Baluke Dental Studios.

Materials Used for Cast Partial Frameworks

Baluke Dental Studios has access to the most advanced alloys used for dental components. With cast frameworks, the material must be durable, able to withstand the conditions in the mouth, and comfortable for the patient.

We use Bego Wironit® LA alloy for partial denture fabrication. This alloy has a controlled carbon content which supports laser welding fabrication in the laboratory. The material has low thermal conductivity so it remains consistent with the temperature in the patient’s mouth, improving comfort. The material is proven biocompatible, eliminating the risk of allergic reaction. It is also corrosion-resistant, making it perfect for dental frameworks. With high fracture resistance, the material can be used with clasps with no issue.
Vitallium 2000™ is another one of our preferred custom dental alloys for cast frameworks. This material is available in a Standard and Plus formulation. Our technicians will select the best alloy for your unique case. With superior strength, Vitallium 2000™ is used to create incredibly strong and durable frameworks that remain lightweight. This keeps them comfortable. Being lightweight, the overall size and thickness of partials can be reduced, allowing for improved esthetics. The fit is predictable and precise. When combined with our focus on accuracy the first time, chairside adjustments will be minimal. The Vitallium 2000™ fracture resistance also makes it ideal for clasping.

Regardless of the material used, Baluke Dental Studios creates the highest quality dental cast frameworks that will perfectly suit your clinical requirements. For the best patient outcomes, always insist on a leading laboratory partner in Canada.

Partners in Precision for Dental Cast Partial Frameworks

When planning a case with Baluke Dental Studios, you will benefit from the Partners in Precision program. Based on our in-house procedures, the program ensures accuracy on every project, reducing chair time and improving patient outcomes.

Baluke Dental Studios is the only dental laboratory in Canada offering Partners in Precision for dental cast partials.
Communication, or the lack of it, is the biggest challenge facing dental laboratories and clinicians. When a laboratory doesn’t have access to the right details, the fabrication and design of dental cast partials will suffer. Baluke ensures the highest level of success by being detail-oriented. For every dental component and service, our case managers have specific criteria to fulfill. This means that we ask the right question, provide correct feedback to you, and the result is an accurate dental cast that can be fitted with minimal chairside adjustment.

Choose Baluke Dental Studios for dental cast partials and the Partners in Precision program:

  • No surprises when lab work arrives at your office.
  • Art and dentistry are combined for functionally perfect and esthetic restorations.
  • Unnecessary patient visits are eliminated.
  • Severe adjustments will never be a problem.
  • Reworks for dental cast partials are eliminated.
  • Our program ensures the highest quality of dental lab work.

With our help, your restorations are performed right the first time for every case.
You can improve the reputation of your clinic simply by choosing the right lab partner. Baluke Dental Studios is ready to begin the consultation process for dental cast frameworks in Ontario or anywhere in Canada.