Axis Polishing Sets

Axis Polishing Sets



CeraGlaze Ultimate Porcelain Polishing Set-CUSTOMIZED FOR BALUKE

Save Time & Finish with more Refined PreparationCleraglaze-2

CeraGlaze Ultimate Porcelain Polishing Set. This diamond impregnated polisher is what is needed in today’s “NEW AGE” porcelain and ceramic materials.

$ 99.00 each

Inlay/Onlay/Anterior/Posterior DIAMOND Kit-CUSTOMIZED FOR BALUKE

Save Time & Finish with more Refined Preparation

Inlay/Onlay/Anterior/Posterior DIAMOND kit. Unimatrix Bonding Technology process minimizes clogging due to uniform position of diamonds, providing more exposed diamond surfaces on the tips and edges for superior overall cutting ability. EXCELLENT WEAR!Anterior open

When MINOR adjustments, POLISHING of Veneers, All-Ceramic, Inlays/Onlays & Crowns are required!

Posterior/Anterior Kits -$ 60.00 ea
Inlay/Onlay Kits – $ 35.00 ea Inlay open





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