ALL-on-4 Over Denture

ALL-on-4 Over Denture

Screw Retained Hybrid Implant Dentures

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Screw Retained Hybrid Implant Dentures – Custom Solutions from Baluke Dental Studios

Screw-retained hybrid dentures offer stability and versatility for the treatment of tooth loss in patients. Clinicians seeking the most reliable solutions that are accurate from the first fitting can rely on Baluke Dental Studios.

All-on-4 overdentures can be screw retained for enhanced security, stability, and functional performance.

Our approach to implant dentures means fewer adjustments and no reworks. Our Partners in Precision program ensures that details are right the first time, using physical impressions, digital scans, existing attachments, or any of the resources provided by the clinician.

You want to provide the best patient outcomes with implant dentures from the leading laboratory in Canada. Learn about the unique screw-retained implant dentures we create and talk to us to begin case planning today.

All-on-4 or Hybrid Dentures are the Ideal Form of Implant Dentures

The majority of adults will need some form of tooth replacement once they pass the age of 55. Many patients need replacement much earlier, whether they have lost teeth to decay or trauma. All-on-4 or hybrid dentures are ideal for replacing a complete arch with the support of just four implants.

All-on-4 or hybrid dentures perform better than traditional dentures. They are more comfortable and they look better. Patients prefer them. You can get the best results for any case when ordering all-on-4 or hybrid dentures from Baluke Dental Studios. We are the most advanced dental laboratory in Canada, specializing in all-on-4 or hybrid dentures and a range of other restorative and cosmetic solutions.

All-on-4 or hybrid dentures are:

  • Better for the jaw and help to prevent bone loss.
  • Better for patients because bite force is evenly distributed across the arch.
  • Easy to care for when screw-retained. Patients can similarly care for dentures as they would natural teeth. Maintenance and deep cleaning are performed in-office.
  • Better to look at, creating beautiful and natural smiles.

Give your patients better solutions with screw-retained implant dentures.

Why It’s Better to Retain Multi-Unit Overdentures

Baluke Dental Studios can produce snap-in and screw-retained multi-unit overdentures. Retained versions are preferable in many cases. Being permanently attached to the implant and removable only by the clinician, screw-retained multi-unit overdentures retain their position without deviation. This can make them more comfortable for patients when installed correctly.

  • Prosthetic teeth on multi-unit overdentures can be made from high-quality materials like porcelain.
  • Comfort is improved because screw-retained multi-unit overdentures are held in place.
  • Without the possibility of movement, multi-unit overdentures are less likely to fail.
  • Screw-retained multi-unit overdentures look more natural than snap-on alternatives.

Screw-retained all-on-4 overdentures are ideal for relatively young patients seeking an esthetically superior option that is cost-competitive and functional.

Attachment Details

All-on-Fiber Overdentures

Our all-on-fiber overdentures are designed for edentulous treatment. This hybrid restoration option uses a CST® (Cable Stayed Framework) with an Ivocap denture and composite prosthetic teeth.

all-on-fiber overdentures are an evolution in fiber design and application. Using CST® fibers with viscoelastic properties, stress loads are highly tolerated and evenly distributed to prevent fracturing and breakage. Patients enjoy the same function as they would when using implant dentures with metal bars. The difference is that the denture is much lighter and far more affordable.

CST® all-on-fiber overdentures are often up to $1,000 cheaper than dentures using metal bars, with no major compromise in form or function. Our technicians focus on esthetic as well as function, ensuring that patients can smile in confidence when wearing all-on-fiber overdentures.

Contact us today to learn if all-on-fiber overdentures are ideal for your case and begin the consultation process.

Start Case Planning for Screw-Retained All-on-4 Overdentures Today

Baluke Dental Studios Partners in Precision program ensures efficiency and accuracy throughout the case planning process. We will design and produce all-on-4 overdentures for any of your unique cases. Fully customized, our dentures are guaranteed to provide the best fit and function with comfort and a flawless esthetic for every patient.

All-on-4 overdentures are superior to traditional dentures. They maintain quality of life for patients with similar performance to natural teeth.

Our experts are available to discuss your case needs today. Offer better all-on-4 overdentures with the help of our team. We create implant dentures of the highest quality so that your patients will be completely satisfied. Practices across Canada can enjoy stronger reputations when working with Baluke Dental Studios.

We support clinicians in every territory and province from our head office in Ontario. Contact us now to begin the process and get access to the highest quality and most innovative implant dentures.