About Us – Baluke Dental Studios Laboratory Services

To provide the best patient outcomes, dental professionals rely on dental laboratory services. Denture fabrication, crowns and bridges, specialized appliances, and even sports mouthguards can be produced at the best dental laboratory in Canada.

Baluke Dental Studios has decades of experience in the dental industry performing dental laboratory services, dental restorations, and fabricating dental prosthetics.

Learn about one of the best dental labs in Canada and contact us today to begin case planning.

The Baluke Dental Laboratory Services Mission

Baluke Dental Studios is dedicated to technology, where we remain on the leading edge through relentless research and education. Through innovation and the perfection of our dental laboratory services, we provide the highest standard of craftsmanship possible for restorative dentistry applications. It is our mission to support dental offices in Ontario and throughout Canada, offering technical advice, case planning and consultation, education, and hands-on assistance.

Baluke Dental Studios is committed to upholding the Code of Ethics within the dental technology field.

Dental Restorations and Services Offered by One of the Best Dental Labs in Canada

As one of the best dental labs in Canada, we are also one of the most comprehensive. We offer a complete range of fabrication and repair services for dental prosthetics and appliances.

Examples of our dental restorations include:

  • Implant bars and abutments.
  • Snore appliances.
  • Printed models.
  • Zirconia prosthetics milled by our experts.
  • Implant abutments and frameworks.
  • Cast frameworks.
  • Copings
  • Ivocap and FlexStar dental prosthetics.
  • Sports mouth guards.
  • TMJ splints and bruxism appliances

We embrace all forms of innovative modern dentistry and make extensive use of CAD/CAM technologies, 3D dental printing, and advanced staining for flawless esthetics.

Our History

Beginning in 1949, Baluke is a name that has represented quality dental laboratory services.

Mr. Walter Baluke Senior founded Shaw Laboratory and immediately set a new standard for dental laboratory services. The laboratory was innovative in its time, highly progressive, and able to provide the best solutions for cosmetic and dental restorations.

Walter (Skip) and Duane Baluke followed the lead of Walter Senior, learning about dental restorations and dental laboratory services first after school and on the weekends, and then as student trainees. Both would later become apprentice technicians to study all aspects of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. When Walter Senior retired, the brothers created Baltor Dental Laboratory. Having learned the dental laboratory services business from their father, they continued to push innovation and increase the quality of service delivered to clinicians.

Their business eventually grew and became Baluke Dental Studios as we know it today.

Putting Baluke Dental Studios Among the Best Dental Labs in Canada

Baluke Dental Studios is known for creating solutions for the best dental restorations in Canada. What puts us among the best dental labs in Canada? It’s all down to our approach.

From the very beginning, the Baluke family has pushed cosmetic and restorative dentistry solutions forward. It’s not enough to follow the way the industry moves. Baluke Dental Studios innovates in areas of efficiency, technical excellence, and positive patient outcomes. We exceed standards of excellence whether considering specific dental restorations and prosthetics or the way that we provide case planning and support through our Partners in Precision program.

When clinicians want the best of the best dental labs in Canada, Baluke Dental Studios is the one they rely on.

Dental Prosthetics Have Never Looked This Good

Function is essential. Dental prosthetics should provide function comparable to natural teeth. Whether considering a single implant with an expertly milled and finished crown, or a complete set of snap-on dentures, the technicians at Baluke Dental Studios ensure complete accuracy in fit so that patients can enjoy the best quality of life.

Beyond function, dental prosthetics have never looked as good as they do today. The beauty of a smile is often as important as the technical details. Healthy smiles bring confidence so that Canadians with dental prosthetics can chase their dreams, speak clearly, eat the foods they enjoy, and achieve all their personal and professional goals.

With advanced fabrication methods and the best materials, Baluke Dental Studios ensures that dental prosthetics look as impressive as they feel.

Become Part of Our Evolving History

Our expert technical support and assistance with case planning and management make us your partner for dental prosthetics and dental laboratory services in Canada. Baluke Dental Studios continues to grow and serve the needs of clinicians and patients throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, and all provinces and territories. Become part of our evolving history by contacting the best dental lab for any of your cosmetic or restoration needs today.