Night Guard Benefits

  • Hard and Hard/Soft Hand processed
  • Better fit Comfortable
  • Less bulky Retainers
  • Clear, almost invisible
  • Able to wear throughout the day.
  • Reservoir block out on cast if desired

IMPAK™ SOFT Clear Night Guard

Indicated:  Bruxisum ; TMJ disorders.

This clear soft laminate is a comfortable, strong and lightweight guard against destructive bruxism. It softens further in hot water with amazing flexibility and maximum tooth protection for even better comfort.

Pro-Form™ hard Dual Laminate

Indicated:  TMJ disorders and occlusion splints

The dual laminate is a hard soft  thermal formed material that is great for functional splints.  It is durable with a long life, requires minimal chair time and adjustments, will bond to the hard surface to allow the dental technician to modify the occlusal surface. Laminated for strength, has excellent retention, and softens in hot water.  Available in 3 different thicknesses: 0.080 (2mm), 0.120, (3mm), and .200 (5mm). MSDS

Nightguard Hard Ball Clasps: We can add stainless steel ball clasps to a Nightguard to maximize retention.


1) Take an upper & lower impression.  Include as much of the peripheral border as possible and muscle trim. Pour immediately  ; maxillary and mandibular stone casts.

2) A bite registration in centric relation at the opening desired for the appliance.

3) A prescription with a design for the appliance.


Doesn’t fit in patients mouth? 

  • Rocks in the patients mouth – If it rocks in the mouth and not on the master model, original impression was bad
  • If it rocks in the mouth as well as on the master model, the night guard is off

• Could have been over relieved • Or the duplicate model could have been distorted

Working days in lab : 2

IMPAK™ SOFT Clear Night Guard: Patient Information

Appliance may first appear CLOUDY, this will clear in aprox. 1 -3 days, depending on thickness & yield a bright finish. This material is a thermal sensitive resin, which becomes flexible and easy to insert when following instructions.


Warm under HOT WATER for 20-30 seconds ; as it cools while in the mouth it returns to its original shape & maintains a firm occlusal surface.


Rinse your mouth with warm water for 5 -10 seconds and carefully remove.


Due to the severity of the environment this appliance must function in, we can only guarantee it for SIX months. Failure to follow the instructions will VOID warranty


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