Partners in Precision (PIP)

Partners in Precision (PIP)

Dental Treatment Planning at Its Absolute Best

For a beautiful art smile on every patient, dental treatment planning is essential. Baluke Dental Studios combines art and dentistry for aesthetically beautiful restorations that are functional and durable for the best patient outcomes.

Discover our approach to dental treatment planning with the PARTNERS IN PRECISION (PIP) program, and see why Baluke Dental Studios is preferred by dental offices in Ontario and throughout Canada.

The Benefits of Partners in Precision for Restorative Art and Dentistry

Baluke helps practices to achieve new levels of success with a detail-oriented approach to the planning process and dental lab work. Our technicians combine art and dentistry to reduce chair time and improve patient satisfaction.

Baluke PARTNERS IN PRECISION is an approach to dental treatment planning that:

  • Eliminates surprises.
  • Combines art and dentistry for flawless aesthetics and function.
  • Removes the need for extra patient visits.
  • Eliminates severe in-mouth adjustments.
  • Ensures exceptional quality of dental lab work.
  • Creates restorations that are done right the first time, every time.


Dental Treatment Planning is Essential in Ever-Evolving Dental Lab Work

Dental lab work technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Dental offices and clinicians can struggle to keep up with the advancements. Without attending regular seminars full-time and having hands-on involvement in dental lab work, it’s all too easy to fall behind what’s happening in the industry.

Baluke Dental Studios is invested in creating art smiles with restorative dental work, and it’s our passion to stay on the cutting edge of dental treatment planning as well as the technical aspects of dental lab work. Dental offices benefit from working with dental labs like Baluke where the latest technology and advanced tools are employed to support clinical needs.


What is an art smile? It’s an aesthetically beautiful smile that has the perfect form to provide natural function to a patient. The PARTNERS IN PRECISION program was created by Baluke Dental Studios to facilitate the art smile in every patient, even when the dental office doesn’t have the in-house technical experience or laboratory services needed to complete the entire restoration process.

PARTNERS IN PRECISION is our commitment to ensuring efficient and accurate communication between the dental office and the laboratory. We facilitate the transmission of information in a way that eliminates mistakes and wasted time.

You can grow your reputation as a high-quality dentistry provider by working directly with Baluke Dental Studios. We offer premium case management. A step-by-step process ensures that even the most complex cases referred to us are profitable and more easily manageable. We offer our decades of experience to be used as an asset at your practice. Shades are perfect for restorative work. Fit is completely natural. Function will be optimized for patient comfort.

We are open to your cases with Baluke Dental Studios being published in peer-reviewed articles for trade magazines. We also publish cases within our dental lab website and our newsletter, and would love to work with you to produce studies that help to elevate the understanding of the restoration process throughout the industry.

The Most Accurate Dental Diagnostic Models

Dental diagnostic models, case preparation, and planning are all essential during efficient and accurate dental restoration work. We utilize our experience and advanced technologies to produce flawless dental diagnostic models for clinicians in Canada.

Communication is the key to accurate dental diagnostic models, ensuring that patient outcomes are positive with efficient management and implementation of restorative solutions.

Baluke is a leading dental treatment planning and laboratory services provider in Ontario and throughout Canada. Ongoing product development, continuous education, and equipment upgrades ensure we have the tools to create art smiles that keep patients satisfied with the professional services they receive.

Baluke Dental Studios employs the most experienced technicians in art and dentistry. We frequently expand the knowledge and skillsets of our team members. We maintain quality by sourcing materials and technologies from industry leaders like Dentsply, Amann Girrbach, and Ivoclar.

At the heart of our dental diagnostic models and treatment planning is an ethos defined by Reliability, Dedication, and Precision.

Producing the most accurate dental diagnostic models eliminates rework, patient inconvenience, and inflated costs in the restorative process. We can work with your 3D scanned assets to produce accurate models for the fabrication of permanent components.

Beautiful Art Smiles with the Baluke PARTNERS IN PRECISION Program

Art smiles delight patients and grow the reputations of dental offices. We bring art and dentistry together with the most detail-oriented case preparation and planning program in the industry.

Baluke Dental Studios is ready to provide consultation and lab services for your cases. Contact us today to begin the dental treatment planning process and benefit from the leading laboratory services in Canada.