Partners in Precision (PIP)


    • No surprises
    • No extra patient visits
    • No severe in-mouth ‘adjustments’
    • Exceptional quality lab work
    • Done right the first time
    • Done right every time


With the rapid advancements in clinical and dental laboratory technology, it becomes an impossible job to keep up with both clinical and technical advancements. That is unless you plan to attend continuing education seminars for dentists full-time while also keeping an eye on what is being used in a high-tech laboratory as Baluke dental Studios. That is why it is more important than ever to work with a dental lab that is up to date and trained in all the newest dental lab technology and utilizes the most advanced dental lab tools to support your clinical needs.

Baluke Dental Studios has an on-going program of product development, dental continuing education, and equipment upgrading that keeps Baluke at the forefront of not only dental labs in Ontario, but also makes us one of the best labs in Canada. The key to quality is twofold.  First, the dental laboratory must employ highly skilled, trained, and experienced technicians, source only the best dental materials from companies like Ivoclar, Dentsply and Amann Girrbach, and maintain an ethos that embodies Dedication, Precision and Reliability.

Secondly, the clinical requirements of a case must be communicated by the dentist, while the technical requirements must be communicated by the dental lab. This is key to providing high-quality dentistry. Dental market studies have proven that the vast majority of dental lab remakes occur because of breakdowns in communication. We are always willing to connect with you to create a dental treatment plan catered to your needs.

PARTNERS IN PRECISION is a program created by Baluke Dental Studios. PIP was designed to enforce complete and accurate information transmission between your clinic and our dental lab. The point of the program is to improve and enhance the level of everyday communication.

We welcome your case to be the subject of peer reviewed articles published in leading dental trade magazines, on our dental lab website, or in our newsletter. As your reputation for high quality dentistry grows, so will your referrals for more complex and profitable cases. Baluke Dental Studios is here with decades of experience in the dental lab business.

We are here to guide you through any territory. For this purpose, our PARTNERS IN PRECISION includes premium case management. It’s a step by step guide we developed for complex cases that ensures high quality dentistry through a meticulous organization of the treatment process.

The benefits of following PARTNERS IN PRECISION procedures accrue immediately. The benefits include a noticeable reduction in chair time, adjustments, and remakes. Shades will be accurate. Fit and function will be optimized. Per case profit will increase while your patients will be delighted. Our PARTNERS IN PRECISION program was designed to make you happy!