• Zirconia

Zirconia Crowns and Zirconia Bridges created by Baluke Dental Studios offer a combination of durability and esthetics utilizing the best Zirconia materials available on the market today.

Zirconia Dental Crowns and bridges are milled in highly precise Milling machines for solid discs that are pre-shaded for excellent shade matching. Despite their strong structure, Zirconia is a durable material which is more than 5 times stronger than porcelain. Zirconia dental crowns can be easily shaped, sized and colored to match the natural teeth of the patient. Matching the color of the crown to actual natural teeth can be done with ease. Producing a much better, more natural look for the patient.

For complex cases we offer In-office custom staining by our colour specialist bringing highest quality in natural-looking fabrications.

From a radiation safety point of view, both porcelain and zirconia crowns are safe. Zirconia crowns are insoluble, and if swallowed, zirconium would not be absorbed into the body. Therefore, chemical toxicity is also of no concern.

Various types of Zirconia are used for different situations. From high-translucency multi-layer Zirconia Crowns to high strength opacious long span substructures. Baluke Dental Studios has the perfect Zirconia for any situation. Zirconia Crowns do not transmit temperature fluctuations, in the same way as traditional restorations; no hypersensitivity is experienced with Zirconia Dental Crowns.

It is nearly impossible to remove zirconia or lithium disilicate restorations without some mutilation of the tooth preparations, regardless of whether they have been bonded or luted. However, crowns luted with resin-modified glass ionomer cements are more easily removed.

Zirconia Dental Crowns are world-class, offering magnificent value and will reduce chair time!

Trust Baluke for Dedication, Precision, and Reliability!

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