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Dental Crowns Zirconia Processing at Baluke Dental Studios

For excellent value, strength, and durability, dental crowns zirconia fabrication is the obvious choice. Baluke Dental Studios produces the most reliable zirconia abutments and crowns, fully customized for your restorative procedures.

Discover the benefits of zirconia abutments and dental crowns zirconia, and talk to us today to begin the consultation and case planning process.

What Makes Zirconia the Ideal Restorative Dental Material

Dental crowns zirconia is one of the best materials available today. The extreme durability of the material has contributed to its popularity in dental applications. Dental crowns zirconia fabrication results in posterior crowns and other components that resist occlusal force and are ideal for chewing and biting.

Patients enjoy significant benefits when fitted with crowns, bridges, or even veneers made from Zirconia.

  • Zirconia’s natural color and translucency can be closely matched to natural teeth, allowing for excellent esthetics.
  • Zirconiacrowns have no metal lining at the gums. This has historically been a problem with PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) solutions. Without this lining, patients can smile more confidently.
  • There have been no clinically confirmed cases of zirconiarejection or allergy in the body. Zirconia is 100% biocompatible, so there’s no concern surrounding adverse reactions with patient tissue.
  • Dental crowns zirconiafabrication results in one of the hardest and strongest materials used in dentistry. When made by expert lab technicians and well maintained, Zirconia will last indefinitely. In most cases, Zirconia will last up to five times longer than PFM in similar applications.
  • Zirconiacrowns adhere well with natural teeth, helping to improve the longevity of the restoration.

Zirconia looks natural, integrates well with existing teeth, and provides durability for patients. Finished crowns are near-indestructible when properly fitted and applied.

Talk to Baluke Dental Studios about any of your ongoing cases and we will develop the zirconia crowns, bridges, or veneers that you need.

Dental Crowns Zirconia vs. Pressed EMAX

Zirconia can be compared to pressed EMAX in many cases, but the former is a far more versatile material.

  • Zirconiais the ideal material for dental bridges, while pressed EMAX is never used for this type of restoration.
  • Zirconiais also the ideal material for veneers, while pressed EMAX can be used for veneers except in cases where it will be matched with dark dentin.

Zirconia isn’t used for inlays and onlays, while pressed EMAX is frequently chosen for its strength and durability in these cases.

Getting the best results is all about choosing the right materials. Pressed EMAX is suited for many restorations, but, if you are looking for the most durable crowns and bridges for your patients, zirconia is the obvious choice.

Monolithic vs. Layered Zirconia

Baluke Dental Studios facilitates better decision-making and case planning through our Partners in Precision program. With this program, we ensure that communication between laboratory and clinician is always efficient and accurate. We limit mistakes in the process, helping to reduce the time and cost to treat patients.

One thing you will need to consider is whether to use monolithic vs. layered zirconia.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The difference when considering monolithic vs. layered zirconia is that monolithic means solid where the zirconia is milled from a block. Translucent or layered zirconia is more natural in appearance but not as strong as monolithic zirconia.
  • Choosing monolithic vs. layered zirconia isn’t about preference. It’s all about the application. Solid or monolithic zirconia, being stronger, is ideal for replacement crowns and bridges where resistance against biting, chewing, and even bruxism is necessary. For extensive orthodontic treatment and restoration, solid zirconia also wins.
  • When comparing monolithic vs. layered zirconiafor front teeth, layered is the ideal solution. Anterior teeth need to be cosmetically perfect. The esthetics are just as important as the function. Layered zirconia is stronger than PFM and looks better, making it perfect for the teeth that are most prominent in the smile, but where biting and chewing forces are reduced.

If you aren’t sure about your specific case, we are here to help. Talk to Baluke Dental Studios to learn more about monolithic vs. layered zirconia for your restorative cases.

The Best Dental Lab for Zirconia Abutments and Bridges

Restoration components need to be of the highest quality to ensure positive patient outcomes. Baluke Dental Studios has decades of experience in specialist fabrication using a variety of dental materials. We are experts in both monolithic and layered zirconia and will build custom zirconia abutments for any of your cases.

We create abutments for every implant system on the market. Whether you need single zirconia abutments, prosthetics for dentures, or a combination of different solutions for complex cases, we are ready to get started with consultation and case planning.

Trust the most experienced designers and producers of zirconia abutments in Canada. We support clinicians in every province and territory. We will work with your physical impressions or digital files to create zirconia abutments that are esthetically and functionally perfect.

Contact us now and enjoy our detailed approach to restoration with bridges and dental crowns zirconia.