Functional Appliances

Functional Appliances



  • Herbst
  • Positioner
  • MARA
  • Twin Block
  • Bionator
  • Frankel
  • Rick-A-Nator

Patient Information on TAKING CARE OF YOUR RETAINER!

When the appliance is not in your mouth it should ALWAYS be in the plastic container provided.  This will protect it from being lost.  Never keep your appliance  in your pocket or a wrapped tissue, you will break or lose it.

  1. Your appliance is sensitive to extreme temperatures.  Never leave it in a hot car or a cold car and don’t boil it to disinfect it.
  2. Keep your appliance out of reach from dogs and cats – they love to eat them.
  3. Brush your appliance when you brush your teeth (which should be after every meal).  Using your regular toothbrush and toothpaste just dip your toothbrush in mouthwash and brush your appliance.  Failure to brush your appliance will result in a nasty build up and odour. Ultra-sonic cleaners are useful in cleaning your appliance.


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