Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

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Full Dentures (TS1)

Dentures are an important factor in the overall health of patients who experience tooth loss. They restore the patient’s appearance and confidence, as well as the ability to speak and chew healthy food. A well-fitting denture also helps to support the patient’s facial structure and reduce ongoing bone resorption. At Baluke Dental Studios, we take pride in delivering the best denture fabrication services available to our clients.

Complete or Full Dentures

We manufacture complete dentures, which are designed to replace all the teeth on an entire arch, as well as partial dentures. These give patients a functional replacement for the missing teeth, enabling them to continue to do most of the things they could do with their natural teeth. Also called full dentures, these are personalized using our unique BPS process to reduce sore spots and inaccuracies in recording the bite. The result is affordable dentures that chew better, feel more comfortable to wear, and look more natural than many dentures.

Product Description: Complete Dentures / Full Dentures ‘Top of the Line’ precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking, or laughing!

Indications: Patients with no teeth due to periodontal disease, drug use, or poor oral hygiene.

Material Composition: Ivoclar BPS denture acrylic. BPS stands for Bio Functional Prosthetic System which uses the latest techniques for impression taking and bite registration. The SR Ivocap System permits the best denture fabrication method for highly-accurate methyl methacrylate-based dentures.


Insertion: Patients can remove and reinsert

Affordable Complete Dentures: Acrylic Partials and Cast Partials

Baluke also offers affordable dentures to dentists and denturists who supply OWA ODSP patients. Our affordable dentures come complete with teeth and up to two-wire clasps.

Bite blocks and custom trays are not included.

The special rate is for dentists and denturists who have contracted with the government to provide dentures to OWA and ODSP recipients (and covered dependents as verified by their plan administrator). As these rates are often set far below market value, and in some cases even below cost, contact us for pricing.

Working days in the lab: SET-UP: 3 days – Denture Finish: 3 days

Soft-Lined Dentures

These are complete dentures with a resilient permanent soft liner, intended for patients with sensitive mouths. Soft liners reduce the pressure on tissue-bearing surfaces. These cushion areas with a thin mucous membrane, such as the mandibular nerve area, and create a temporary soft lining immediately after implant placement.

Product Description: Resilient Permanent Denture Soft Liner

Indications: Fabricating permanent soft liners on tissue-bearing surfaces of full dentures. Cushioning areas with a thin mucous membrane such as the mandibular nerve area. Creating a temporary soft lining immediately following implant placement.

Material Composition: Vinylpolysiloxane and polymethylhydrogensiloxane; EasySoft liner – MSDS

Advantages: Biocompatible. Does not contain a plasticizer and thus will provide the patient with a long-term resilient soft liner.

Working days in the lab: 2

For affordable dentures that will give your patient a new lease on life, contact Baluke Dental Studios today by calling 1-800-263-3099. We boast one of the best denture fabrication facilities in Canada, and supply dentists in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa and Montreal with outstanding customer service.