CAD/CAM Cast Partial Designs

CAD/CAM Cast Partial Designs


Predicable CAD/CAM Partial Designs

Baluke Dental Studios are able to offer a CAD/CAM digital framework with 3D printing solution for greater accuracy, lighter castings combined with an even profile, giving your patients a more comfortable stronger framework.

Wax Pattern

Retention is improved by accurately engaging the undercuts using the latest digital software. Our highly skilled technicians now have the ability to create precise and consistent FITS of your frameworks with the personal attention that your patients deserve.

Consistent quality – precision fit and accuracy are at a higher level than traditional methods of manufacturing a framework, a new dimension to digital restorations.

Your digitally designed resin Partial Castingwax-ups can be cast in various alloys :

*PrimoCast™ – Material Composition NobilStar: Cobalt 65%; Chromium 27.5%; Molybdenum 5.5%.
*PrimoCast™ – Metal Composition  61% Cobalt; 28% Chromium; 8% Molybdenum: Si 1.5%


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