CAD/CAM Cast Partial Designs

CAD/CAM Cast Partial Designs


Dental CAD CAM Cast Partial Designs

With advancements in dental CAD CAM technology, it’s now possible to get extremely accurate prosthetics and frameworks without having to worry about the inconsistencies that occur when working with traditionally cast models. Dental CAD CAM uses all digital files to create a 3D topography of the mouth. Using our advanced fabrication equipment, we can then make the most accurate devices that reduce chair time, eliminate rework, and limit the need for adjustments.

Baluke Dental Studios was an early adopter of dental CAD CAM and has developed significant expertise in this area. Talk to us today about dental CAD CAM fabrication for your partial designs.

When Should Clinicians Choose Dental CAD CAM Frameworks?

We recommend dental CAD CAM frameworks in most cases, due to the accuracy of the final framework. The precision and fit are superior to traditional frameworks and the material options allow for lightweight casting without sacrificing strength, stability, and fracture resistance.

We will work with you to understand the needs of your clinic and your patients. With our Partners in Precision program, we provide effective case management.

Partial frameworks are indicated for patients who have some tooth loss but want to retain their natural teeth. Frameworks provide a foundation to replace lost teeth for a more natural and functional bite with an esthetic smile.

The Benefits of Dental CAD/CAM Design for Patients and Clinicians

At Baluke Dental Studios we love dental CAD/CAM design for its accuracy and efficiency. This is the foundation for all of the benefits that your practice and your patients will enjoy.

Dental CAD/CAM design allows for:

• Improved efficiency in the design and production process, reducing lead times.

• Rapid prototyping of unique designs to select the best fit for a patient.

• Better accuracy in fit and function, allowing for a natural bite.

• Reduced chair time for patients.

• Less need for adjustment during the initial fitting.

• Dental CAD/CAM design results in frameworks produced in the highest quality alloys.

At Baluke Dental Studios we can cast our dental CAD/CAM designs in several alloys. We prefer PrimoCast™ alloys for most applications. Alloys are based primarily on cobalt and chromium, resulting in lightweight frameworks that remain incredibly strong. The material is resistant to fracturing so is suitable for clasping. Low thermal conductivity keeps frameworks comfortable for patients for all-day wear.

How Our CAD/CAM Dental Prosthetics are Produced

Baluke Dental Studios uses cutting-edge equipment and techniques to create the most accurate CAD/CAM dental prosthetics. Accuracy has always been one of the biggest challenges in prosthetic dental restoration. The most skilled technicians can create accurate frameworks without computer assistance, but the lead time and complexity of the work are increased. CAD/CAM dental prosthetics are created with the aid of specialized computer software and dental 3D printing, allowing for better lead times, better fits, and the best patient outcomes.

With our advanced equipment, the team at Baluke Dental Studios will design CAD/CAM dental prosthetics using a virtual model. A mock-up of the framework is then produced using dental 3D printing. This framework is then used to cast a final framework in an alloy that is specifically selected for strength, stability, and the optimal esthetic.

While the process is still highly specialized and requires a lot of technical skill, CAD/CAM dental prosthetics allow us to work more efficiently in the lab so that the final framework is of the highest possible quality.

Talk to us today to discuss your case and find out if CAD/CAM dental prosthetics are ideal for your patient.

Is Dental 3D Printing Accurate?

Dental 3D printing has come a long way in a short time. At Baluke Dental Studios we use the most advanced dental 3D printing machines to ensure the accuracy of our resin wax-ups (mock-ups for casting). Clinicians who are familiar with consumer 3D printers may be aware that in this space, there are issues with accuracy and finish. Our specialized dental 3D printing processes are far more advanced and we use specialized resins to ensure that wax-ups will result in perfectly fitting frameworks that require minimal adjustment.

In addition to using the 3D printing equipment, our technicians process the material after printing to ensure that it is accurate to the computerized model. There are numerous verification and quality control steps used by Baluke Dental Studios to ensure that only the very best cast frameworks leave our laboratory for delivery at your clinic.

Get Started With Case Consultation for Dental CAD/CAM Design Today

Our case managers are ready to begin the consultation process. Dental CAD CAM represents a significant advancement in the way that partial frameworks are designed and manufactured. Talk to Baluke Dental Studios today to discuss the complexities of any of your ongoing cases and enjoy all of the benefits that dental CAD/CAM design can provide.



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