CounterFIT – Quick Set

CounterFIT – Quick Set




WORK TIME:  1:00  minute

SET TIME : 1:30 minutes

  • Counter arch impressions
  • Bleaching tray & athletic mouthguard fabrication
  • Large case temporary matrix fabrication
  • Orthodontic models, appliances, and retainers
  • Matrix material for long span provisional crown and bridge restorations
  • All alginate-type impressions

Every dental office uses alginate for various techniques when a quick impression is required.  While the use of alginate is routine, so too are its inherent problems and shortcomings.  It is well known that alginate is not stable due to shrinkage from dehydration, and that it requires immediate pouring, nut alginate also has many other shortcomings, including: susceptibility to improper mixing, and inaccurate powder-water ratios, as well as messy clean-up chair side, in the lab, and of the patient. Alginate also produces less than ideal accuracy on important cases like temporary matrix fabrication and opposing models for crown and bridge applications. Additionally, stone models derived from alginate will not fit poly-vinyl siloxane bite registrations.  Simply put, alginate is unpredictable.

CounterFIT – Quick Set will provide exact replication, superior to alginate, for all the procedures for which you would normally use alginate, CounterFIT sets in about the same time as alginate, is thixotropic so it won’t induce gagging, and it provides outstanding replication of DETAIL.

What about stability?

CounterFIT remains stable for YEARS Is easily disinfected, and can be poured immediately (or whenever convenient) as well as multiple times – something you just could not do with alginate.  Further, CounterFIT mixes quickly, and without variation, in automix 50ml cartridges, reducing procedure time and eliminating clean-up completely! CounterFIT – Quick Set is also available in 380 ML MegaMix cartridges.

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