In-Office Custom Staining & Technical Consultation

In-Office Custom Staining & Technical Consultation

Reduced Chair Time And Increase Patient Satisfaction!

In-Office Custom Staining  – Many shades are complex and can often be achieved more effectively one-on-one with a custom staining technician than through a prescription. Peter Nagy a BDS technician with over 20 years experience with In-Office Custom Staining and is available to assist you in any complex case!

Peter will come to your office with all the necessary materials including a portable furnace to formulate the correct tooth shade accurately and quickly providing the highest quality in natural-looking fabrications.

If more convenient, your patients can also visit our in-house, fully equipped operatory where we will also produce a brilliant aesthetic for your smiling patients.

E-mail Chuck or call 905-764-6322 ext. 27 to pre-book an appointment.