Meet Our Team

Baluke Dental Duane Baluke, RDT

Telephone Ext. 12

Duane Baluke is a highly regarded technician with over 50+ years experience.  Raised in the dental laboratory business, he is intimately familiar with every aspect of its operation and management.  By the time he turned 20, he had already earned his R.D.T. from the C.D.T.O.  He has received dental technology diplomas from, among many others, the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, North Western University, and George Brown College.  Currently, he is the owner, President and chief technician of Baluke Dental Studios.  He still focuses considerable attention on assisting dentists with the creation of optimal treatment plans for advanced or complex cases.  This expertise proves especially beneficial to dentists breaking into Implantology.

Baluke Dental Corey Lewis
C&B / CAD/CAM & Implant Specialist

Telephone Ext. 17

With over 23 years of experience in the Dental Technology field, Corey applies this knowledge to his position as C&B/CAD/CAM & Implant Specialist at BDS.  His disciplined, systematic approach ensures that his department produces consistent crown and bridge substructures of the highest quality.  Complex cases are planned out in detail to provide consistent and predictable results.

Baluke Dental Scott Kosmack
C&B / Crown & Bridge & Implant Specialist

Telephone Ext. 32

Scott  joined Baluke Dental Studios in May 2016 with previous experience of managing a World Wide Full Service Dental Laboratory. For over 28 years Scott has worked in every capacity in the Dental Laboratory, from Removable to Implants and CAD/CAM. He has also dedicated a good part of his career to chairside assistance along with Marketing and Sales. Scott  graduated with a Degree in Dental Technology from Harkness Technical Institute and received his CDT in 1995, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Florida State University.

Scott is actively involved with the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, sitting on both the Golf Committee & the Ski Committee to help raise funds for Sick Kids Hospital and Holland Bloorview Hospital. In his spare time he spends every free moment with his young daughter Savannah.

Baluke Dental Peter Nagy
Ceramics Specialist & Technical Consultant

Telephone Ext. 26

Joining Baluke Dental in 2009 from Hungary, Budapest Peter brought with him a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years experience.  Peter studied with a highly acclaimed Dr. Pascal Magne and Master Technician Willi Geller.  Peter currently supervises our busy ceramic department at the highest level; at the same time working chair-side consulting doctors; always ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Peter is commended and meticulous in delivering a precise and predicable product to your office.  We are honored to have Peter a part of our Baluke team.

Baluke Dental Raj Maraj
Denture Specialist

Telephone Ext. 13

Arriving in 1990 to Canada from Trinidad and Tobago Raj started working as Dental Technician. With over 28 years of experience Raj has a strong back ground in Crown and Bridge; Implants; Overdentures and Dentures.  With his mild mannered nature Raj is committed to working directly with client’s consulting on the phone or assisting in their practice. He thoroughly enjoys his work and the wonderful team that surrounds him at Baluke. We feel privileged to him as our Denture Specialist.

Baluke Dental Chuck Williamson
Case support & Custom Staining Coordinator

Telephone Ext. 27

Chuck joined the Baluke Dental team in 1993 in various positions within the lab, forever excelling.   He is responsible for production of your cases as well as in-office custom staining coordinating.  He is always eager to assist and prides himself on providing exceptional customer service. Chuck works closely with all department supervisors ensuring a positive client experience. Chuck always manages to bring a smile to your face with his quick wit and friendly nature.

Baluke Dental Bonnie Smith
Case support & Shipping/Receiving Coordinator

Telephone Ext. 16

Bonnie joined the Baluke Dental team in 2013, with experience working in a Dental Office,therefore giving her the advantage of understanding the inside daily functions of a dental office. Bonnie is always willing to assist with your enquiries and is very enthusiastic. Working directly with our courier staff Bonnie is instrumental in ensuring we met your pickup and delivery expectations.

Baluke Dental Enza Baluke
Office Administrator/Controller

Telephone Ext. 11

Enza joined Baluke Dental Studios in 1991. She is responsible for the day-to-day laboratory functions as well as the marketing and educational seminars.  She is available to provide assistance with billing, statement enquiries and all other administrative concerns.  She has been instrumental in the development of our “Gateway” on-line-management and continues to work on developing better communication between the dental office and the lab.

Baluke Dental Linda Westcott
Administrative Assistant

Telephone Ext. 20

Since 1996 Linda has brought a wealth of good spirit and charm to the laboratory.  Always with a smile on her face she is more than eager to assist you with any account receivable or payables matters.

Baluke Dental Lorraine Slater

Telephone Ext. 0

When calling Baluke Dental Studios Lorraine Slater is the friendly voice you hear on the other end of the phone. Lorraine joined our team over 17 years ago, always with a smile she is eager to assist you and connecting with the specialist you require.