TMJ Splints | Dental Night Guards

TMJ Splints | Dental Night Guards

TMJ Splints / Nightguards

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TMJ Splints and Nightguards for Effective Treatment

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders can cause varying levels of discomfort and may progress to serious complications if left untreated. Although a broad category with many causes, many TMJ problems occur when dental occlusion is abnormal.

Baluke Dental Studios can produce custom TMJ splints and nightguards to treat TMJ and protect patients from long-term complications. As the most advanced dental laboratory in Canada, our nightguards ensure reliable patient outcomes that will support an overall treatment plan.


Long Term Complications are Likely without Nightguards and Targeted Treatment

Most TMJ disorders are presented to dentists because patients experience pain. This initial pain can become so severe that it is debilitating for patients. Without treatment using effective appliances like nightguards, patient symptoms can rapidly progress.

Typical complications of TMJ disorders include:

  • Chronic jaw pain that limits the quality of life.
  • Joint damage and inflammation.
  • Recurring headaches that are difficult to treat.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Airway sleep disorders.

With pain and a lack of sleep caused by TMJ, patients face greater risks surrounding heart disease, diabetes, and hormonal imbalance.

Dental professionals can effectively treat TMJ symptoms and the underlying causes with the help of custom nightguards from Baluke Dental Studios.

Bruxism Appliances for TMJ Sufferers

TMJ disorders are closely associated with bruxism or the grinding of teeth. Many patients may do this in their sleep without even realizing it. Bruxism contributes to the development of TMJ disorders and can cause them to progress. This condition also comes with the serious risk of tooth and jaw damage.

Bruxism can occur during sleep or the day. Some patients suffer from both. Bruxism appliances can be designed to function as dental night guards, helping to treat TMJ and bruxism in unison. Our custom bruxism appliances shield the teeth from damage caused by grinding and are available in clear materials for a low-profile look. Bruxism appliances can prevent the flattening of teeth, cracked teeth, and the pain that comes from clenching the jaw and grinding teeth.

Bruxism appliances may help to prevent severe tooth pain and the need for extensive restoration when they are used regularly. Baluke Dental Studios can develop custom bruxism appliances for your patients.

TMJ Splints Realign the Patient’s Bite

TMJ splints can reduce pressure on the jaw while realigning the bite. Baluke TMJ splints are designed to stabilize and are sometimes referred to as bite guards and bite plates.

Most TMJ splints are designed to be worn 24 hours a day throughout the treatment period and require close monitoring with follow-up visits to ensure that bite realignment progresses as expected. Accurate TMJ splints are essential to achieve the desired patient outcomes.

Custom Gelb Splint Dental Night Guards

Gelb splints are commonly used to decompress the joints to provide relief from pain while modifying the structure. Dental night guards like Gelb splints can be initially uncomfortable for patients, but, with the right fitting, they start to feel more natural, and patients will be pleased by the results throughout their treatment plan. Like all types of dental night guards, Gelb splints need to be accurately formed in the laboratory. Impressions or digital scans can be used to create the highest quality dental night guards.

If you need a Gelb splint for occlusal coverage over the posterior teeth, Baluke Dental Studios is the best laboratory to work with. Contact our case planning specialists today to discuss your patient’s need for dental night guards.

Custom Fabrication of Night Guard Appliances

Baluke Dental Studios is your trusted lab partner for accurate clear night guard appliances that suit the patient and the desired treatment outcomes. We offer an extensive range of clear night guard appliances to suit your clinical needs.

Options for clear night guard appliances beyond the examples listed above include:

  • Denture deprogrammers work to reduce muscular inflammation. Baluke denture deprogrammers treat the muscles involved with opening and closing the jaw and are available as clear night guard appliances.
  • Eclipse® Heat and Seat™ soft clear night guard appliances have minimal coverage and function just like hard appliances. These day or night appliances are BPA-free, have high flexibility and impact strength, and are more comfortable for patients.
  • IMPAK™ Soft Clear Night Guard Appliances are used for both TMJ disorders and bruxism. The soft and clear laminate material is comfortable and lightweight, allowing for minimal impact on sleep quality.
  • Pro-Form™ nightguards are made from a hard laminated material and are ideal for TMJ disorders. Thermally formed, these guards are highly functional and reduce the chair time needed for maintenance and adjustments.

Our night guards can be fabricated with stainless steel ball clasps to improve retention. To order the most reliable TMJ splints and custom night guards, contact the team at Baluke Dental Studios today.