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BDS Complete Dentures

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Complete Dentures

Witnessing the comfort, confidence, and happiness that complete dentures can provide is a highlight for every clinician. Patients who have suffered complete or extensive tooth loss are candidates for complete dentures. Also known as full dentures and false teeth, these prosthetics replace one or both arches with synthetic gums and teeth.

Complete dentures are sometimes overlooked for more expensive treatments like all-on-four implants, but there is still a place for full dentures, especially when considering the cost.

Baluke Dental Studios is your laboratory partner for the most natural-looking complete dentures. Provide better outcomes for cases and see how full dentures can change the lives of your patients.

Why Choose Full Dentures?

Clinicians have a lot of sway when it comes to recommending treatments for their patients. Complete dentures are a solution still widely used in Canada. When exploring the benefits, it’s easy to see why.

Complete dentures provide advantages to patients, including:

  • Improved ability to chew and bite.
  • Very few restrictions on the types of food that can be enjoyed.
  • Restoring the appearance of the face, especially around the mouth.
  • Removable for cleaning and adjustments.
  • Providing confidence and self-esteem for the patient.

Full dentures weren’t always of the same quality that they are today. In the past, complete dentures looked obviously artificial, which could lead to embarrassment for some patients. Today, dentures are made from advanced materials, and with skilled technicians like those at Baluke Dental Labs, they can be indistinguishable from natural teeth without close inspection or a trained eye.

Full dentures can counter the effects of years of deterioration, leaving patients more confident to chase their personal and professional goals. Social interactions will no longer be awkward and embarrassing, and many patients will be able to chew and enjoy certain foods that they have avoided for years.

The benefits of complete dentures are best realized by choosing the right dental lab for fabrication. Baluke Dental Studios is the ideal choice for clinicians in Canada.

BPS Flexible Dentures From Baluke Dental Studios

Our flexible dentures are precision made to provide the most comfortable fit and natural esthetic. BPS flexible dentures are made around a Bio Functional Prosthetic System (BPS). With advanced techniques for impressions and bite registration, BPS flexible dentures feel more natural and perform much like real teeth.

Most importantly in many cases, our flexible dentures are affordable. Compared to having several implants for dentures, flexible dentures sit atop the gums and can be easily removed by the patient.

BPS flexible dentures are fabricated using Ivoclar BPS denture acrylic. This is a specialized material that ensures durability, comfort, and a completely natural esthetic. Gum and tooth shading are customized for every patient.

A significant aspect of the quality of our flexible dentures is the care that goes into customizing them. When you want to provide the best-looking full dentures to your patients, insist on the high-quality work of Baluke Dental Studios.

The Best Denture Fabrication With Partners In Precision

Our Partners in Precision program is an in-house quality control solution designed to improve communication between clinicians and the laboratory. The best denture fabrication is made possible with the program, thanks to efficient communication and case planning. A breakdown in communication, poor information, and a lack of feedback often contribute to poor laboratory work. We designed Partners in Precision to eliminate the problems that many clinicians experience when working with other laboratories.

The best denture fabrication is here at Baluke Dental Studios. Consider all of the benefits that come from Partners in Precision:

  • Perfectly formed and fitted dentures with the best denture fabrication process.
  • Advanced materials for natural-looking synthetic teeth and gums.
  • Comfort for the patient, inspiring confidence, and high quality of life.
  • Extremely low incidence of adjustment or rework for the best dentures on the market.

Your clinic will appreciate the best denture fabrication with planning, set up, and fabrication completed within the first week in many cases. When you need a rapid turnaround for anxious patients, but still want the best denture fabrication possible, choose Baluke Dental Studios.

Affordable Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are inherently affordable when compared to other complete-arch replacement solutions. In addition to our BPS dentures, we also offer acrylic and cast partials at your request. We can also offer low-cost dentures for OWA ODSP patients, with two wire clasps and teeth included in the pricing. If you are part of an OWA ODSP program you can contact us today to learn about special below-market rates.

Whatever the needs of your patients, complete dentures can provide beautiful smiles that look and feel natural. Contact us today to begin case planning and enjoy the superior service and outstanding results that Baluke Dental Studios provides to clinicians in Ontario and throughout every territory and province.


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