Outsourcing For Labs/Denturists

Baluke Dental Studios offers dental products and services in partnership with Denturists and Dental Laboratories. We are equipped to provide you with a comprehensive line-up of laboratory outsourcing services that you may not currently offer through your lab.

Cast Frameworks 5 days
Copings 2 days
Digital Wax Patterns 2 days
Implant Abutments or Frameworks 4 – 5 days
Ivocap or FlexStar 3 days
Ivocap or FlexStar Processing 3 days
Laser Welds 1 day
Milled Zirconia 2-3 days
Printed Models 2 days
Snore Appliances 5-7 days

Laser Welded Repairs

Baluke’s Laser welder is designed for a stronger, cleaner weld for your repairs. Since laser welding is so precise a fully passive fit is maintained. We can repair denture castings, implant bridges and any other metal-based dental prosthesis.

  • Shipping Within Ontario: Labs & Denturists we pay & ONLY one way. A $13.00 delivery charge may apply.
  • Shipping to Other Provinces: Labs & Denturists we pay ONLY one way.

PAYMENT TERMS: STRICTLY 30 days due to the special discounted prices offered to labs and denturists.