Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

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Canada’s Best Dental Veneers Laboratory

Baluke Dental Studios offers the best laboratory solutions for cosmetic restoration, including custom dental veneers. Esthetically flawless and offering years of durability, dental veneers from Baluke will delight your patients and boost the reputation of your practice.

How long do zirconia veneers last? What are the different veneer designs available? Get answers to all of the most important questions and call Baluke Dental Studios today to begin case planning with a dental veneers expert.

The Extensive Benefits of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are indicated for the treatment of:

  • Gaps in teeth (diastema).
  • Severe discoloration or blemishes.
  • Small teeth.
  • Unusually shaped teeth.
  • Moderately damaged teeth.
  • Teeth with thin enamel.

Although primarily a cosmetic solution, dental veneers are part restorative. They can treat minor issues like chips and cracks in teeth, bonding with the surface and protecting teeth from further damage.

Veneers are relatively affordable when considering the exceptional durability of high-quality options. Most veneers will last at least ten years.

Permanent vs. Press on Veneers in Canada

Permanent veneers are designed as restorative and cosmetic solutions, while press on veneers in Canada are purely cosmetic. Determining the right solution for your patient depends on the unique case. Press on veneers in Canada could be ideal for patients who have otherwise healthy teeth but need a temporary solution to improve their smile. Because press on veneers in Canada can look incredibly natural when expertly made in an advanced laboratory, they can boost the confidence of patients.

Many people choose press on veneers in Canada to be used for special occasions such as important business meetings, balls and galas, fundraisers, conferences, presentations, and other major events.

While not a permanent restorative solution, press on veneers still play an important part in creating beautiful smiles for patients. Lasting around two years in most cases, press on veneers in Canada are cost-effective.


How Long do Zirconia Veneers Last?

One of the first things your patients will ask you is: how long do zirconia veneers last?

It’s a tricky question. When asked “how long do zirconia veneers last”, there’s a lot to consider.

  • The quality of the veneer design.
  • The quality of the laboratory work.
  • The quality of the installation.
  • Unique conditions in the patients.

Patients that grind their teeth or chew on hard food like candy and seeds could damage their veneers in a relatively short time. Veneers could last as little as two days, or up to ten years, depending on the conditions and how they are cared for.

Generally, when asked “how long do zirconia veneers last”, patients can be advised that the veneers will last between five and ten years in most cases. However, strict protocols and an accurate fit can ensure that veneers last 25 to 30 years. It all comes down to the unique conditions and the quality of the application and care.

Long-lasting veneers start with a quality laboratory. Baluke Dental Studios makes the most durable veneers in Canada.

How long do zirconia veneers last? To give the best possible answer, insist on sourcing your veneers from Canada’s best dental lab.

Veneer Designs and Materials Available from Baluke Dental Studios

Our unique quality assurance and case planning program ensures the best results and a smooth process when ordering veneer designs from our laboratory. From the initial consult to fabrication and fitting, we are Partners in Precision.

  • Divine Veneers: This is our in-house brand available in a range of veneer designs to suit your needs. These ceramic veneers can be shade-matched for the perfect esthetic. Multi-layered porcelain simulates the look of natural teeth for a beautiful smile and confidence for the patient.
  • Thin Ceramic Veneers: Thin ceramic veneers are made from pressed porcelain and are ideal for the cosmetic correction of mild discoloration and misalignment.

  • IPS Empress Esthetic Veneers: Baluke is an authorized laboratory producing IPS Empress Esthetic Veneers. These veneers are suited to the press technique. They have incredible esthetics for natural and confident smiles. They are available in 7 levels of translucency and 6 shade levels to perfectly match natural teeth.

  • Max Veneers: One of the most durable materials for veneer designs, you can order E.Max veneersfrom Baluke Dental Studios. We will customize veneers for your patient. Strong but thin, these veneers create natural-looking restorations that protect the patient’s teeth.

Talk to an expert to begin case planning and enjoy the expert lab services of Baluke Dental Studios. We customize veneers for any of your unique cases, with unmatched quality and reliability. Baluke is your partner for the best dental veneers and improved patient outcomes.