Pick-Ups and Deliveries


Baluke Dental Studios has a fleet of reliable cars and drivers for fast, efficient pickups and deliveries in the Greater Toronto Area.
In all other areas and out-of Province, we work with ICS, U.P.S. or Purolator. Using “Baluke Gateway ”. There you can very easily request a Courier PICK-UP. Once you enter a case, including your closing time for that day; we will automatically receive your pickup request; send you a way-bill and dispatch ICS, U.P.S. or Purolator to your office. We will do all the work for you, without picking up the telephone.

  • Wet pick-ups must always be identified when called in. Please also mark the package itself.
  • Rush cases and same-day denture repairs must be identified when called into 905-764-6322.
    – out-of-town repairs are subject to a $15.00 courier charge.
  • Repairs must be called in before 10:30 am for same-day service and will be returned to your office by 4:00 pm. Please specify whether you require A.M. or P.M. delivery.
  • Please indicate any special instructions on RX.
  • Request A Pickup online! request a confirmation number from your case co-ordinator, and write this number in the space provided for Date Required. Alternatively, go directly to “GATEWAY” and pre-book or request a PICK-UP on-line! If you are not yet set up on “Gateway” please contact us to receive your personal invitation.
  • The Return Date is the actual day you will receive your case. Please allow at least half a day lead time between the date on which you receive your case and your patient’s appointment.

Denture Repairs

When your patient walks in with a broken denture, there’s little time to commiserate. Whether it’s a full or partial denture, chances are good the patient has already been without it for a day or two and simply can’t go another day under those circumstances. Fortunately, s/he doesn’t have to, because, at Baluke Dental Studio, same-day denture repairs are one of the most popular services we offer. So, rest assured your patient will have their teeth back by the end of the day, unless there are complications that delay the repair process.

Cracked and broken

For dentures that become cracked or broken due to being dropped on the ground, stepped on or by biting on a hard food item, it’s possible to get the patient back into wearing the denture fairly quickly. Same-day denture repairs are usually performed by gluing the broken pieces of the denture back together and then relining or rebasing them to strengthen and refit them. Occasionally this type of repair is a temporary measure while the patient has a new denture made, but relines and rebases are a common occurrence for dentists.


Whether the denture is relined as a result of a repair or because the patient is having difficulty with the fit, this is also considered a repair and will require new impressions of the patient’s mouth in order to fit the denture properly. When it comes to same-day denture repairs, this requires the patient to come into the dentist’s office fairly early in the day, so the impressions can be taken in an unhurried fashion and collected by our lab messengers.

How Relines Work

A denture reline is the resurfacing of the inner side of the denture, which is in contact with the oral soft tissue. This may be necessary as a result of repair to a denture, or of changes to the shape of the mouth. Alterations in the alignment of the jaw, bone loss or shrinking gum tissue can all contribute to the denture no longer fitting correctly. This results in the need for a reline to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible with the denture when it is resting against the gums. Some patients require soft relines for greater comfort.

For more information on same-day denture repairs and relines or to order your pre-printed labels e-mail us at shipping@baluke.com.