Lab Pick Up & Delivery

Lab Pick Up & Delivery

Deliveries just got better, with Swifthost

Hello! We are very pleased to announce that Baluke Dental Studios and Swiftposthave partnered in order to streamlined your out-of-town courier pick-ups and delivery process. Using the Swiftpost online platform you will be able to:

  • create & print your own waybills
  • auto-schedule your pickup at a touch of a button!
  • track your case deliveries

That’s a whole new level of service we’re sure you’ll appreciate!

Same Day Denture Repairs – Our Lab Pick Up & Delivery Service in the GTA

Denture repairs throughout the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada are made easy through the Baluke Dental Studios fleet and our reliable logistics partners.

Same day denture repairs in Toronto mean rapid turnaround times for the best patient outcomes and a stronger reputation for your practice. With our delivery partners, even clinics outside of the GTA can get the best lab services from an industry leader.

Denture repairs have never been easier or faster, without compromising the quality of work or the service that you deliver to your valued patients.

Same Day Denture Repairs from Baluke Dental Studios

With our in-house fleet of cars in Toronto, we can provide same day service for dental repairs in many cases. If there are no complications, you’ll be able to provide your patients with the comfort and full function of dentures in top condition. Even with complex cases, we work quickly and streamline the pick up and delivery process so that you can provide case resolutions that your competition won’t be able to match.

Our partners including ICS, UPS, and Purolator, ensure swift turnaround times outside of the GTA and in any province or territory.

The process is simple. Use the Baluke Gateway to log your case and request a courier. We’ll send you a waybill and dispatch a logistics partner to take care of the rest. We do all of the work for you so that you don’t even need to pick up a telephone for rapid turnaround dental repairs.

Getting Started with Baluke Gateway for Dental Repairs

The Baluke Gateway is the easiest way to request an urgent pick up or book in advance.

With the Baluke Gateway for dental repairs, you don’t need to worry about wasting time on the phone. You can do it all online for the most convenient same day denture repairs or rapid turnaround denture repairs outside of Ontario.

If you need assistance with the dental repairs gateway or have urgent questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-263-3099.

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Special Notes for Denture Repair Pick Up & Delivery

Same day denture repairs are available in most cases for the GTA and parts of Ontario. Next day dental repairs are often available for provinces outside of Ontario.

  • Please identify wet pick ups when calling us or requesting online. Please also clearly mark dental lab delivery boxes for wet pick up identification.
  • Rush cases and same day denture repairs should be called in at 905-764-6322.
  • Same day denture repairs must be called in before 10:30 AM. Same day repairs will be delivered by 4:00 PM. Please indicate if you would prefer AM delivery the next day.
  • All special instructions should be indicated on RX.
  • Please allow for at least half-day lead times when scheduling refitting with your patient to allow time for delivery.
  • You can email us to request a dental repair pick up online if you prefer.

Cracked and Broken Dentures

Dentures that have cracked from hard food or that have been dropped, stepped on, or otherwise damaged will be reglued at our advanced dental laboratory. With an experienced technician, cracked denture repair is a fairly straightforward process. The reassembled denture will undergo denture relining and rebasing to ensure a comfortable fit. Please schedule your patients early in the day to allow time for accurate impressions to be taken.

Denture Relines

Denture relines are necessary when repairing broken dentures. Denture relines may also be used when a patient is having problems with the fit of dentures. We perform denture relines for same day delivery when requested before 10:30 AM in the GTA and some areas of Toronto.

Denture relines involve resurfacing the inside of the denture where it connects with soft oral tissue. When dentures no longer fit, denture relines can compensate for changes in jaw alignment, bone loss, or gum tissue loss. Soft resins can be used for denture relines to improve patient comfort.

Contact Us for Pre-Printed Labels and Information About Dental Lab Delivery Boxes

Standard inexpensive cardboard boxes can be used as dental lab delivery boxes. Baluke Dental Studios recommends stocking up on dental lab delivery boxes if you frequently require lab services. We can also provide you with pre-printed labels for your dental lab delivery boxes. Email us today to request labels for denture lab shipping boxes.

When returning dentures through our partners or our in-house fleet, we use dental lab delivery boxes approved for carrying sensitive dental appliances.

Convenient Denture Repairs From the Leading Canadian Dental Laboratory

Baluke Dental Studios is the most advanced dental laboratory for urgent denture repairs. With our reliable courier fleet in the Greater Toronto Area, and our trusted logistics partners, we make it easy for you to get rapid repairs so your patients can continue to smile with perfectly fitted dentures.