Metamorphosis Impression Trays

Metamorphosis Impression Trays



Anterior Tray

This Tray has a wider and tapering arch to avoid interference with the canine prominence area.  The side walls are identical in height and were designed to fir virtually any mouth from bicuspid to bicuspid.   Box of 50 trays, individually packaged.

Original Posterior Trays

This full half arch will accommodate the majority of all cases.  The extended posterior height, adequate buccal – lingual width and thin crossbar combine to eliminate flexing of the flanges (side walls), distortion, compression and spring back.  The periphery (side wall) on both sides is higher and identical to provide a more stable impression.   You can prepare upper and lower restorations simultaneously and obtain a better plane of occlusion. Box of 50, individually packaged.

Metamorphosis Sideless  OR HALF ARCH Posterior Trays

This full half arch posterior tray was designed for those dentists who prefer to have no side walls.  It is also wider buccal lingually than the original posterior tray and will accommodate large tuberosities and low palatal vault cases.  Box of 50 trays, individually packaged.


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