Flexible Partials


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Before;After-valplast1Description: Valplast™Flexiable Partials

Indications: Patients who are missing some of their teeth on a particular arch. Valplast™ is the optimal choice anytime partials are indicated or the patent prefers not to use a fixed restoration. A excellent replacement to acrylic when the patient is allergic to acrylic, or when protuberant bony formations restrict the insertion of an acrylic full denture.

Material Composition: Biocompatible Valplast™ Flexible thermoplastic

Advantages: Lifelike esthetics, flawlessly blending with the patient’s natural tissue and surrounding dentition. contains no metal or wire clasps. Gives much more confidence eating and smiling. Valplast™ retains its strength even when very thin, it yields a lighter weight and less obtrusive appliance.

Insertion: Patients can remove and reinsert

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