Send a Case

These guidelines are based on years of experience and their purpose is to ensure the highest quality products.

Please include with your case:

  1. An accurate impression. Essential for a quality end product. There are several systems we can recommend, plus years of experience to share upon request.
  2. A legible and complete prescription Baluke_downloadable_prescription_Rx that includes all relevant information. Feel free to use your own prescription format.
  3. Pictures, pictures, pictures. You cannot provide too many photos of the case. We accept all formats (digital, 35 mm., Polaroid, intra-oral, et cetera). A picture of the full face of the patient smiling. Very important but often forgotten.
  4. A picture of the shade tab beside the tooth. Include shade tab information.
  5.  The Return Date is the actual day you will receive your case. Please allow at least half a day lead time between the date your receive your case and your patient appointment. Please specify whether you require A.M. or P.M. delivery.


Rush cases & same day repairs must be identifed when called in. Repairs must be called in before 10:30 am for SAME DAY service & will be returned to your office by 4:00 pm. This providing the repair is only minor ; a case -ordinator will call should more time be required.


PRE-BOOK OR REQUEST a PICK-UP on-line using “GATEWAY” – NO more lost time on the phone. Contact Enza or Bonnie 800.263.3099 to request your invitation.


1-8 Units Everest Zirconia 8
1-8 Units Porcelain Titanium 8
1-8 Units PFM 5
> 8 Units PFM or Attachments 10
Denture Set-up 3
Denture Finish 3
Cast Partial Framework 4
Invisiclasp (additional) 2
Valplast / Tcs Processing 4