Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

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Bella-Zir® Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Baluke Dental Studios is one of the most advanced dental laboratories in Canada, offering the most reliable porcelain crowns and bridges for dental restoration. We create custom Bella-Zir® porcelain crowns for patients and clinicians seeking the most reliable restorations with exceptional strength comparable to that of the healthiest human teeth.

Discover the benefits of Bella-Zir® porcelain crowns and contact us today to begin the consultation process with Partners in Precision case planning. Our unique case planning and management program ensures efficient communication so that dental restorations are accurate, reducing chair time and eliminating reworks.

Dental Crowns for Effective and Durable Restoration

Dental crowns are common throughout all demographics of the population. While the risk of tooth loss and damage can increase with age, crowns are sometimes more common in younger patients. This is because patients with mostly healthy teeth need repairs covering just one or a few teeth, rather than an entire arch.

Porcelain crowns are indicated in cases including:

  • When a tooth weakened by decay requires a crown to prevent breakage.
  • For repairing cracked teeth.
  • To restore teeth that have already been worn down or broken.
  • To support dental bridges.
  • To repair severely discolored or misshaped posterior teeth.

Experienced dental professionals will know how difficult it can be to have laboratory-prepared crowns and bridges that are both shade-matched and functionally optimized. It’s essential to choose a dental laboratory that will work with the clinician throughout all phases of case planning.

Baluke Dental Studios is the ideal solution. With detailed case planning, efficient communication, and the most advanced laboratory services, we are prepared to create crowns that will meet the functional needs of your procedures while exceeding expectations for look and feel. Happier patients mean more success for your practice. We support clinicians with laboratory services in Toronto, Ontario, and throughout Canada, and will work with your digital impression files for CAD/CAM fabrication.

Our Multilayered Zirconia Crowns Allow for Better Shade Matching

The esthetics are important when providing dental restorations. While function must always come first, esthetic closely follows as it provides the patient with a satisfying solution that meets their expectations. Multilayered zirconia crowns from Baluke Dental Studios are popular with clinicians seeking crowns and bridges that look as good as they perform.

A beautifully healthy smile can radiate confidence. When patients have porcelain crowns as part of restorative treatment, they want to know that their smile will look natural. Multilayered zirconia crowns allow for different shade levels that can be perfectly matched to natural teeth.

Multilayered zirconia crowns have a beautiful esthetic without any compromises in material strength or durability. In fact, multilayered zirconia crowns remain one of the longest-lasting tooth replacement solutions on the market. Baluke Dental Studios creates multilayered zirconia crowns that can provide long-term patient satisfaction and oral health.

Impressive Strength When Using Layered and Full Contour Zirconia Crowns

In the past, some dentists have avoided monolithic full contour zirconia crowns because the material was too opaque. This could result in poor esthetics that left patients unsatisfied. As we have detailed, Baluke Dental Studios creates multilayered crowns that can be shade-matched to perfectly complement a patient’s natural smile.

In addition, full contour zirconia crowns are incredibly strong and resilient.

Patients can enjoy healthy smiles for many years with full contour zirconia crowns that emulate the shape of natural teeth. Baluke Dental Studios Bella-Zir® are made with two key materials. Zirconium dioxide provides core strength while layered Ivoclar IPS Style® porcelain completes the look with a surface that is comparable to natural tooth enamel. All materials used display exceptional strength with biocompatibility that has been proven in numerous case studies and clinical trials.

Full contour zirconia crowns resist occlusal forces, they fit naturally into the contours of surrounding teeth, and the lab turnaround time is rapid, even for complex restorations.

We mill and finish full contour zirconia crowns in-house using the most advanced CAD/CAM machinery for accurate restorations.

Bella-Zir® Porcelain Crowns & Bridges Technical Details

  • Indications: For crowns and bridges.
  • Description: Porcelain layered over CAD/CAM zirconia.
  • Material: Zirconium dioxide (substructure), Ivoclar IPS Style® Porcelain (Outer finishing.
  • Benefits: Excellent durability and strength. Shaded substructures create a more natural esthetic with no darkening at the gumline. Biocompatible with an optimized fit.
  • Insertion Method: Bonding or traditional cementation.

We can design and fabricate our Bella-Zir® bridges and porcelain crowns within five working days, allowing for excellent turnaround times. Satisfy your patients with the best porcelain restorative components by starting your consultation with Baluke Dental Studios today.



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