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Dental Crowns

As a caring, top-notch dental practitioner, your primary concern is helping your patients keep their teeth healthy and their smile bright for as long as possible. A porcelain crown is the ideal solution to a wide range of dental problems, and serves the following purposes:

  • Repair and protection of a decayed or damaged tooth, especially if it contains a filling too large for the amount of tooth holding it
  • Covering a tooth after root canal therapy to protect it from further fracture
  • Correcting a misaligned bite
  • Cosmetic improvement of a misshapen or discoloured tooth in instances where veneers are not appropriate for the patient
  • Covering a dental implant post to replace a missing tooth (or teeth).

Patients who have one or more missing teeth can have their smiles restored with a dental bridge supporting several crowns, or by having dental implants inserted. In all these cases, you’ll need a full-service dental laboratory to manufacture a quality porcelain crown that will fit over the damaged tooth or implant post.

Latest In Dental Crown And Bridge Technology

Your patients expect the maximum value from you at all times, and delivering against those expectations is an important factor in the success of your practice. The best dental crowns are produced by using conventional materials to deliver a product you can be proud of. When your patients are looking for optimal esthetics, a translucent porcelain crown with perfect contact and occlusion is the ideal solution. When you select porcelain fused to a metal prosthesis, we can offer a wide variety of metals ranging from a non-precious to a high gold content alloy.

At Baluke Dental Studios, we deliver dental crown solutions your patients will love. These include a Bella-Zir® and e.max Porcelain Crown & Bridges. Bella-Zir are made from zirconium dioxide as the core and layered with Ivolcar e.max porcelain. E.max are made with Lithium Dislicate as the core and layered with e,max porcelainThese products offer exceptional strength and flexibility, with thinner coping that enhances the appearance of the crowns. Alternativly with the recent aesthetic improvements in monolithic materials both Bella-Zir and e.max are offered as a full contour porcelain crown with no ceramic layering, providing greatly increased strength with little change in beauty. These materials have semi-transparent and opacious options which the lab will determine case by case based on the patients needs. We also offer full gold crowns, inlays and onlays, porcelain fused to metal, semi-precious gold or precious gold. Some of these options are more expensive than others, and certain types are only indicated in specific conditions.

Manufacturing Processes

We manufacture crowns and bridges from both standard and digital impressions. Our qualified team uses CAD/CAM technology to produce consistently high-quality porcelain crowns, reduce your insertion chair time, and increase your patients’ satisfaction. Take advantage of our advanced crown and bridge division and the work of certified technicians operating under the leadership of Scott Kosmack in the gold department, Corey Lewis in the CAD/CAM department and David Moore in the ceramic department, whom have a combined 90 years’ experience in every aspect of managing a world-class dental laboratory.

Benefit your patients’ smiles for years to come, with realistic and esthetically attractive restorations from Baluke Dental Studios. All our devices are manufactured to the utmost precision designs using the latest technology available, with the aim of ensuring your patients regain their confidence—and your office benefits from increased revenue.

Find out how the porcelain crown has progressed over the years and what this technology can do for your patients now. Contact us at 1-800-263-3099 for a consultation today.