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Snoring Appliances

While snoring is often considered to be a relatively harmless condition, the reality is that snoring, even when it isn’t related to sleep apnea, has been linked to long-term health risks. At Baluke Dental Studios we create solutions to improve dental and overall health. At the most advanced dental laboratory in Canada, we fabricate custom snoring appliances that can protect your patients from risk.

Learn about our snoring appliances, the dangers associated with snoring, and talk to a case manager today to get started with fabrication for your patients.

How Dangerous Is Snoring?

Snoring appliances do more than just help patients and their partners rest easy. They can also reduce the risk of long-term complications related to snoring.

While there is still much research to be performed surrounding snoring, early data suggests that heavy snoring could increase the risk of stroke and heart-related conditions. An observational cohort study published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that heavy snoring contributes to and increases the risk of carotid atherosclerosis. The risk was increased for mild and moderate snoring but was most observed in those who suffered from heavy snoring. Several other studies have found links between snoring and an increased risk of stroke, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and mental health issues related to sleep deprivation.

If you have patients visit your clinic looking for relief from snoring or sleep apnea, you can provide solutions with snoring appliances from Baluke Dental Studios.

Several Solutions Available For Treatment

The expert technicians at Baluke Dental Studios can create snoring appliances using three unique systems. All of our devices have been proven effective in case studies and clinical examples observed by the clinicians we supply.

Explore all of our snoring appliances and talk to us today to start case planning for any of your patients.

Silent Nite® Snoring Appliance

Patients can get affordable relief from snoring with the Silent Nite® snoring appliance. The design allows for non-invasive and effective snore relief from a custom appliance that is durable and comfortable to wear.

Silent Nite® is fabricated in our lab. The device moves the lower jaw into a forward position, reducing airway velocity by increasing the available space. This limits soft tissue vibration and can completely eliminate snoring in most patients.

With a dental model provided by your clinic, our technicians use heat and pressure to custom laminate the appliance so that it provides the right treatment without any discomfort.

The Silencer® Snoring Appliance

We can also fabricate The Silencer® for any of your cases. Like Silent Night®, this appliance is worn to modify the jaw position while patients are sleeping. It advances the mandible with a controlled range of movement, limiting lateral and vertical freedom. The Silencer® uses a unique Halstrom Hinge™ to improve the comfort of the patient and provide the best outcome over long-term use.

One major advantage of The Silencer® is that there are no parts that can come away from the appliance, so there’s no risk of asphyxiation or swallowing components. If you would like to begin case planning for The Silencer® or any of our other custom snoring appliances, simply contact Baluke Dental Studios today to begin the consultation process.

The SUAD™ Snoring Appliance

When snoring is combined with obstructive sleep apnea, a more dangerous health condition, The SUAD™ can be fabricated. It is an alternative to CPAP therapy and corrective surgery, and many patients find it to be much more comfortable and convenient. It is also more affordable than investing in a CPAP machine or seeking surgical treatment.

The SUAD™ has been clinically validated to be both safe and effective when treating general snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. The appliance is made using dental impressions to ensure a custom fit and comfort. Patients can fully open and close their mouths while wearing The SUAD™, and they can even drink water, take medication, and talk without interference.

This custom snoring appliance is versatile because the forward protrusion of the lower jaw can be fully customized. Our case managers are standing by to start planning The SQUAD™ design and fabrication for any of your unique cases.

Partners In Precision For Snoring Appliances

Baluke Dental Studios will design snoring appliances with the Partners in Precision program. This is our in-house program that ensures accuracy and effective communication between clinician and laboratory. Our internal processes ensure that custom snoring appliances suit the needs of the patient, limiting the need for adjustment and removing the risk of rework.

Provide the best solutions for patients who suffer from snoring or sleep apnea. Baluke Dental Studios produces the most reliable snoring appliances in Canada. Talk to us now to learn more and start case planning with our dental appliance experts.