Dental Copings

Dental laboratories or clinics with in-house technicians and facilities can rely on accurate dental copings produced by Baluke Dental Studios. Accuracy is core to our company, limiting adjustment and rework. With the most reliable copings available in Canada, you’ll have an easier time working on the dental model with better final products ready for fitting at the chairside.

Our case planners are ready to begin consultation for any of your dental copings for current cases. Always customized to your specifications using the best materials available, you can trust Baluke Dental Studios for the best copings in any of Canada’s provinces and territories.

The Premier Milling Centre for Dental Copings

Baluke Dental Studios is your full-service laboratory for outsourced work. Copings are essential components within the larger restorative process. Accuracy at this early stage is key to ensure great patient outcomes. Any laboratory looking for reliable dental copings milling services will find that our competitive rates and in-depth case support set us apart from the competition.

We provide both design and milling services for dental copings, frameworks, and full contour crowns and bridges.

Experience the Baluke difference:

  • We use the most advanced fabrication equipment to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  • CAD/CAM services are available for unrivaled accuracy and quality.
  • We work with a range of materials from wax resin copings to zirconia copings.
  • We can build the final components.
  • Copings can be designed and fabricated within two days in most cases.
  • Our rates are competitive with the wider industry.
  • We offer the unrivaled Partners in Precision program for accuracy and a simplified ordering process.

Whether you’re looking for resin, metal, or zirconia copings, Baluke is the dental laboratory that will deliver outstanding results.

We Can Build Your Final Restorative Components

Going beyond just dental copings, Baluke Dental Studios can build your crowns and bridges using your preferred materials. We can design these in-house, or work to your specifications. Each case is unique, as are our relationships with laboratories and clinicians throughout Canada. No matter how far you need to go in the outsourcing process, we can offer a solution.

You’ve probably had experience with a milling centre where their expertise begins and ends with the milling process. These businesses may provide affordable services but they lack the detail and understanding that an actual dental lab can provide. While we do specialize in milling dental copings, our wider business is engaged in all aspects of laboratory work, right through to case planning and chairside consulting. This means that we have a complete understanding of what you are trying to achieve, and will focus on getting that desired outcome. We know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient substructure so that copings are ready to support porcelain buildup.

We can perform optical and contact scanning to ensure that copings and other components are accurate. With resin copings and frameworks, you’ll be prepared to move on to casting, or, we’ll take care of it all in-house, from end to end. That means you’ll enjoy consistency in the lab work with restorative components that have a natural and beautiful esthetic and optimal function.

We’re based in Ontario and provide lab and milling services for our clients throughout Canada. Baluke Dental Studios is recognized as an industry leader with decades of experience that will benefit your cases.


Zirconia Copings from the Best Dental Lab in Canada

Zirconia copings offer the best combination of esthetic and reliability. Ideal for anterior restoration and single-unit crowns, zirconia is optimized in our lab for translucency that allows for better shade matching.

The design of zirconia copings is critical in restoration cases. The smallest changes in shoulder design and fabrication can increase the risk of veneer fracture. We use our experience and advanced modeling software to ensure that our zirconia copings will support the layered porcelain veneer for a flawless esthetic with reliable function.

Higher quality zirconia copings result in more satisfied patients. For everyone involved, from our lab to yours, and the clinician sitting chairside, knowing that copings are accurate with a supportive substructure ready for loading will create peace of mind.

Partners in Precision Results in the Most Accurate Dental Copings

Our Partners in Precision program was designed for case planning with clinicians and applies to outsourced work as well. It ensures accuracy through smooth communication and ongoing consulting. We want to build a lasting relationship with your business, and you’ll find that growing familiarity between our lab in yours will result in better outcomes.

Partners in Precision is not just a process we use to manage cases. It’s our promise to you that we will strive to continuously improve our service delivery and ensure that your own goals are met with every dental copings order.

Contact Us Today to Begin the Consultation Process

We’re ready to produce custom dental copings to your specification. In addition, we can design, fabricate, and perform all of your final prosthetic work from our advanced dental lab in Canada.

Trust in the most experienced team of laboratory technicians and talk to Baluke Dental Studios for custom dental copings today.