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Full-Service E.Max® Dental Laboratory in Canada

Baluke Dental Studios is one of the most advanced dental laborites in Canada, with decades of experience in a range of products ranging from veneers to pressed crowns, inlays, and onlays.

In our professional experience, few materials have impressed as much as E.Max®. This all-ceramic material is the preferred solution for clinicians throughout Canada and around the world, providing effective restoration with superior strength and damage resistance. Just as importantly, Emax® restorations are esthetically beautiful, complementing natural teeth for confident smiles.

For the best E.Max® restorations, insist on the expert lab services provided by Baluke. Learn how Emax® Lithium Disilicate outperforms other materials and how it is used in a range of common restorative procedures.


What is Emax® Lithium Disilicate?

Emax® Lithium Disilicate is used extensively throughout restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures. It was initially used as a material for crowns and has since been adapted for use in custom veneers, inlays, and onlays.

Emax® Lithium Disilicate is a glass-ceramic with excellent strength. It can be machined in our dental laboratory to be shaped and prepared for use in your upcoming restorative or cosmetic procedures. As a translucent material, Emax® Lithium Disilicate is similar to natural tooth enamel and can be shade-matched to natural teeth in the smile, resulting in restorations that look flawlessly natural and beautiful.

The laboratory technicians at Baluke Dental Studios are experts in working with Emax® Lithium Disilicate and will create outstanding esthetic restoration components that leave your patients more than satisfied with the outcome.

Begin case planning and consultation with us today and provide restorations that exceed expectations, helping you to grow your professional reputation and your practice.

What are the Different Types of Emax® Restorations Available?

Emax® restorations are esthetically beautiful and functionally comparable to healthy natural teeth. With incredible strength, Emax® restorations can provide patients with years of optimal dental health with maintenance requirements identical to that of natural teeth in most cases.

Actual maintenance and upkeep will depend on the specific procedure. Some maintenance and cleaning may be required in the dental clinic. Cosmetic Emax® restorations, such as dental veneers, typically provide at least ten years of durability for patients, outlasting competing solutions.

Emax® restorations include:

  • Cosmetic treatment for discolored and stained teeth with E.Max® veneers.

  • Cosmetic treatment for crooked teeth with E.Max® veneers.

  • Repair of chipped and cracked teeth.

  • Repair of decayed teeth with E.Max® pressed crowns, inlays, and overlays.

  • Restoration of past dental work that used metal components.

  • Cosmetic restoration to correct the shape and form of teeth.

  • All other types of restoration where resin, ceramic, or metal materials would be used.

Emax® restorations are the best option, whether considering crowns, veneers, dental bridges, or implant prosthetics. There is simply no better material that recreates the look of natural teeth with the versatility to shade-match to other restorations or existing teeth. Esthetic, durability, and reliability all come together for a solution that both patients and clinicians love.

Proven Clinical Advantages of Emax® for Dental Restoration

Clinicians demand reliable solutions that are as innovative as they are strong and durable. Patients want the same, along with esthetic compatibility with a natural smile. Emax® provides significant advantages in these areas and more.

  • Emax® is less invasive for some procedures. Veneers, for example, are considerably less invasive than with traditional materials. The veneers can be made thinner so that they are more esthetically pleasing and more comfortable and natural-feeling in the mouth.
  • Emax® can be shade-matched to other teeth in the mouth, creating a flawless smile. Patients lose confidence when suffering from dental issues. Restorations that don’t look natural can leave patients frustrated and embarrassed, even if they have full function of all teeth. Emax® eliminates these problems thanks to its translucent nature and striking resemblance to natural tooth enamel. Emax® is also stain-resistant, so veneers, crowns, and other restorations are easy to care for.
  • Emax® is fully biocompatible and no harmful materials are used when bonding the material with natural tooth material.

  • Like any good restoration material, Emax®is long-lasting. Veneers last an average of ten years but it’s not uncommon to see them last up to 20 years in some patients. Crowns, overlays, inlays, bridges, and other restorations have lifespans that exceed that of traditional materials, especially resin composites that aren’t as strong or as resilient as ceramic.

Provide the best possible solutions to your patients. Our experts are ready to begin case planning. We will become your Partners in Precision, with a unique quality control program that we’ve designed to improve the clinical/laboratory relationship, ensuring great outcomes for every patient.

Contact us today to begin the consultation process for custom Emax® restoration components.