Implant Bars & Frames

Implant Bars & Frames


Bars and Frames from Our Implant Dental Lab

Full arch restorations can be complicated for dental surgeons. Often, achieving the right balance and distribution of the bite can be challenging. The best dental implants are those that provide the patient with a healthy smile and a natural bite. Our implant dental lab fabricates the most reliable implant bars and frames to ensure that your practice can deliver the best patient outcomes.

Baluke Dental Studios employs the most talented dental implant specialists to provide custom solutions, including milled frames and milled implant bars. Talk to a case manager today and work with Partners in Precision for successful dental implant restorations.

When are Milled Frames and Milled Implant Bars Needed?

Our milled frames and milled implant bars can be used any time that a prefabricated solution wouldn’t support the needs of your patient. For successful dental implant restorations, the load on the implants should be evenly distributed. Without proper balancing, the patient could suffer from inflammation, an irregular bite, damage to their prosthetic, and eventual failure of one or more implants. Milled frames and milled implant bars are custom-made specifically for your case so that you can ensure the perfect fit and a positive outcome for every patient.

  • Milled frames and milled implant bars are precision engineered in our state-of-the-art implant dental lab.
  • We use only the highest quality materials for milled frames and milled implant bars. Surgical titanium ensures strength, durability, comfort, and biocompatibility.
  • Using an implant level open tray impression, verification jig, and bite blocks, we provide an accurate fit with no risk of rework.

If a bar or frame is indicated for your dental implant restorations case, Baluke Dental Studios is the laboratory that can provide the best lead times, competitive pricing, and the highest quality of work.

Complex Dental Implant Restorations with CAD/CAM Technology

Baluke Dental Studios is a leader in implant dental lab technology. We use CAD/CAM solutions to ensure that even the most complex overdenture bars and frame superstructures are resilient and perfectly fitted for dental implant restorations.

In addition to titanium for fabrication, we also work with cobalt and chrome alloys, as well as semi-precious metal. During case planning, we will determine the best material for frame or bar complex dental implant restorations.

Dental Implant Specialists for any System

Clinicians sometimes have trouble finding implant dental labs that support their preferred implant system. As dental implant specialists, we are ready to provide bars and frames for any system.

Our technicians are trained in every major implant system used in Canada, as well as many minor systems that are less frequently seen. No matter where your clinic sources implants from, our dental implant specialists will create solutions that work.

Popular systems that our trained and certified dental implant specialists are familiar with include Zimmer, BioHorizons, Bicon, Straumann, and Nobel BioCare. By extension, our dental implant specialists can support any of the independent systems that are compatible with major dental brands.

You’ve chosen the best dental implants for your patients based on their unique needs. Now it’s time to choose an implant dental lab that understands the implant system. Baluke Dental Studios is that lab.

Partners in Precision for The Best Dental Implants

With so many solutions for implants and prosthetic mounting, it can be difficult for clinicians to choose the best dental implants. Many clinicians go with what they are familiar with. Some will work with systems that their local lab supports.

Because Baluke Dental Studios is trained in all the best dental implants and their compatible equivalents, you’ll never have to compromise on your choice of implant supplier. You can choose the best dental implants based on your requirements and work with Baluke for case planning around the bars and attachments. As a full-service dental laboratory, we will also fabricate the prosthetic elements to complete a natural and functional smile for every one of your cases.

We are your Partners in Precision, offering a program that focuses on accuracy and communication. Our detailed approach limits rework, failed procedures, adjustments, and reduces chair time.

Start Case Planning with Our Implant Dental Lab Today

We are standing by to begin the consultation process. Choose a dental laboratory that offers the most reliable fabrication services for the best dental implant restorations.

Baluke Dental Studios is the leading implant dental lab for bars, frames, and all your custom prosthetic components.


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