Removable Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures


Removable Partial Dentures

In dental restoration, removable partial dentures are unique from prostheses designed to be supported by natural teeth. There are challenges in designing and fabricating removable partial dentures, so it’s important to rely on a laboratory partner that has the technologies and expertise to create reliable solutions that will support patient comfort as well as normal oral function.

Baluke Dental Studios designs and fabricates removable partial dentures in-house. We provide outsourcing services for clinicians as well as smaller dental laboratories that lack the equipment or experience to produce removable partial dentures.

Learn about the advantages of our removable partial dentures and contact us today to begin the consultation and case planning process.

Removable Dentures from Baluke Dental Studios

Our removable dentures are designed to offer function with a look and feel that patients are comfortable with. Removable dentures can be made from a variety of materials.

  • Description: Removable dentures (partial) for tooth replacement.
  • Indications: Patients who are missing one or more teeth in either arch.
  • Materials: We create removable dentures using Primocast™, Bego LA™, Acrylic, and Vitallium 2000™. We also use FlexStar™ nylon thermoplastic that is flexible yet reliable and durable.
  • Benefits: affordable partial dentures offer improvements in self-esteem. Mastication is enhanced. The esthetics are convincing.
  • Insertion Method: Stainless steel, Invisiclasp, and other retentive solutions. Patients can remove for cleaning.
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Removable Partial Dentures are Affordable Dentures

Affordable dentures are needed to ensure that every Canadian has access to reliable restorative treatments. At Baluke Dental Studios, we make our affordable partial dentures using advanced technologies and materials, so that even cost-effective treatments provide functional and esthetically pleasing results.

Replacing several teeth along the arch is often achieved with a combination of bridges and implants. However, the cost of implants is relatively high and there’s also an extended recovery time. Some implants can take up to six months to fully heal. Medical conditions may even make patients ineligible for dental implants.

Affordable dentures including partial dentures overcome issues of cost and suitability, by providing a fully prosthetic and non-invasive treatment option for tooth loss.

There are many benefits to partial affordable dentures:

  • As discussed, removable dentures are affordable dentures, making them more accessible.
  • The treatment procedure is less invasive when compared to implants and is ideal for people with medical conditions that prevent them from getting implants.
  • Partial removable dentures can provide functional improvement, such as increased ability to bite and chew, and more natural speech, even when using partial dentures without metal clasps.
  • When teeth are lost from decay, breakage, and extraction, the surrounding teeth naturally slant towards the void space. This can result in further dental problems. Having affordable removable dentures will prevent this type of movement from occurring.
  • Patients who have lost confidence due to tooth loss and decay will find that partial dentures allow them to smile without hesitation or embarrassment. Partial dentures without metal clasps are often indistinguishable from natural teeth without close inspection.
  • If more teeth require extraction in the future, partial dentures can be modified to add extra prosthesis. Building upon a partial can be less expensive than creating whole new dentures or seeking other treatments.
  • Partials are easier to wear than traditional full-arch dentures. They are more stable, and many patients find them to be more comfortable. When a patient has healthy teeth that should be retained, partials are the obvious solution.

Functionally efficient, affordable dentures can be fabricated by Baluke Dental Studios. We create the most reliable removable dentures using advanced materials and methods to ensure that your patients receive the best care with a functionally efficient and esthetically acceptable outcome.

Partial Dentures Without Metal Clasps

Patients that are only missing a few teeth can have treatment with partial dentures without metal clasps. Acrylic and other materials can be used to effectively retain dentures without the introduction of metal. This can improve the esthetic and help patients to feel more comfortable.

Partial dentures without metal clasps aren’t suited to every patient. We will take you through case planning to determine if your patient can use partial dentures without metal clasps. We can offer alternatives that meet esthetic and functional requirements.

Baluke Dental Studios Fabricates Flipper Dentures for Interim Treatment

Patients requiring temporary solutions while waiting for partial dentures or other treatments can use flipper dentures produced by Baluke Dental Studios. Flipper dentures are unique partial dentures not intended for permanent use. Flipper dentures are easy to take out and clean and are comfortable thanks to the acrylic structure.

Flipper dentures are indicated in situations where a patient is waiting for a complex prosthetic replacement, or even for use in the healing period following tooth extraction.

Contact our case planning team today to get started with the consultation process for flipper dentures and all types of removable partial dentures. With Baluke Dental Studios your practice will enjoy the best technical support with efficient, affordable, esthetic, and functionally stable tooth replacement solutions.


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