Pro-Form™ Sports Mouthguards

Pro-Form™ Sports Mouthguards


Custom Sports Mouth Guards for Athletes

Regardless of age, gender, condition, or competitive level, athletes throughout Canada are at risk of sustaining dental injuries. From contact sports to track and field events, mountain biking to marathon running, accidents can and do occur. Dental injuries can be particularly painful and costly for those who sustain them. Athletes can get effective protection in the form of custom sports mouth guards from Baluke Dental Studios.

Dental clinicians throughout Canada can order custom-fitted sports mouth guards from our laboratory today.

How Effective Are Custom Sports Mouth Guards?

Mouthguards are recognized as being highly effective for a variety of sports and are mandated for some. Field hockey, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, and wrestling are all examples of sports where mouthguards are mandated, in most cases, beginning at the high school level. Contact sports including martial arts often have mouthguard mandates, although it can depend on the gym.

Many athletes choose to wear custom sports mouth guards for the protection offered. Athletes in diverse areas ranging from surfing to squash and gymnastics to baseball all use mouthguards frequently.

Over-the-counter mouthguards can provide some cushioning and protection, but this often comes at the cost of comfort. Custom sports mouth guards are better suited to the individual wearer. Baluke Dental Studios creates custom guards from Pro-Form™ laminate.

Mouthguards are highly effective at:

  • Reducing the risk of lacerations of the tongue, lips, and cheeks.
  • Reducing the risk of damage to teeth when taking impact at the underside of the jaw.
  • Absorbing energy to reduce the risk of jaw fractures.
  • reducing the overall risk of tooth, jaw, and cranial damage when sustaining an impact around the mouth.

Sports mouth guards from Baluke Dental Studios do more than just reduce the risk of serious injury. They also inspire confidence in athletes. Knowing that they have an extra layer of protection from injury, athletes are more likely to perform at their best.

Can Mouthguards be Used With Digital Clear Aligners?

Mouthguards and digital clear aligners serve unique functions. Sports mouthguards are designed to cushion the mouth and teeth from impacts sustained during sports and other athletic activities. Digital clear aligners are orthodontic devices designed to gradually alter the shape of the bite.

Digital clear aligners are recommended by orthodontists when patients want to straighten their teeth for cosmetic reasons, or when their bite is interfering with normal function. Digital clear aligners don’t provide any protective function and should not be used in place of custom mouthguards.

Mouthguards, likewise, can’t be used to replace digital clear aligners. They are for protection during physical activity and do nothing to shape or straighten teeth.

What Should Patients Do With 3D Printed Aligners When Playing Sports?

3D printed aligners are effective at addressing minor to moderate orthodontic irregularities. They work just like braces but are more affordable, more aesthetically pleasing, and more comfortable for wearers. 3D printed aligners can sometimes be produced in-office if the clinic has the equipment available. This can significantly reduce the cost for the practice and the patient.

3D printed aligners should not be worn when playing sports or engaging in any other physical activity. Although flexible, 3D printed aligners are much more rigid than mouthguards and offer no cushioning to protect from injury. 3D printed aligners may even increase the damage sustained in a sports injury.

Athletes should remove aligners and replace them with custom-formed mouthguards for training or competitive sports.

Custom Fitted Mouthguard Produced in a High-Tech Dental Lab

Baluke Dental Studios makes Pro-Form™ Sports Mouthguards from pre-made laminated material. Pro-Form™ is the leader in custom mouthguard material. Laminated EVA layers provide superior tensile strength when compared to standard molded mouthguards.

Clinicians can supply an impression of the patient’s mouth and gums, which our technicians use to create a wearable appliance. The mouthguard will conform perfectly to gums and teeth, allowing for exceptional comfort even over long periods. Custom appliances don’t interfere with speech, breathing, or swallowing.

Pro-Form™ material provides excellent shock-absorbing qualities. EVA is a biocompatible polymer used in the manufacturing of medical devices, so there’s no irritation to tissues in the mouth.

Available in a range of different colors, Pro-Form™ Sports Mouthguards from Baluke can be fun as well as comfortable and highly effective.

Talk to the Dental Laboratory Experts for the Best Sports Mouth Guards

Our technicians are standing by to produce the most durable, comfortable, and effective sports mouth guards for your patients. Contact us today to begin case planning. We accept impressions and scans from across all of Canada’s territories and provinces and are the most trusted suppliers of dental appliances in Ontario.

Protection for healthy smiles is made simple with Baluke and Pro-Form™ Sports Mouthguards.


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