ALL-on-4 Over Denture

Predictable Quality
Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture and Hybrid Bridge are proven replacements for removable prostheses worn by edentulous patients. A custom acrylic framework is fabricated on your master model work and then scanned. The scanned data of the framework and the individual implant platforms are transferred to a design station where the one-piece bar framework is finalized. After design, it is milled from titanium for a precision fit of less than 20 microns. The industry standard Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture incorporates this bar into the acrylic processing of the denture tooth setup.

The Premium Hybrid Bridge incorporates shaded gingival tissue and zirconia-based ceramic restorations that are cemented onto the precision-milled titanium bar, making it a highly esthetic option. Both options offer excellent predictability, esthetics and function.

A another more Affordable ,biocompatible option for the patient is the CST : Cable Stayed Framework . Frames manufactured out of compressible hybrid fiber design for optimized physical strength. Gives patients the esthetics and comfort of their own dentition. Major evolution in fiber design and application: an ingeniously simple concept for fabricating an implant supported fiber structure for fixed/hybrid dentures.

“Dedication, Precision, Reliability”

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