Implant Overdentures

Implant Overdentures

Implant Overdentures

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Implant Overdentures

Edentulous patients no longer need to rely on uncomfortable dentures with poor function and esthetics. Implant overdentures are available for effective restoration after significant tooth loss. More stability, an improved look and feel, and better overall quality of life are just some of the benefits that patients enjoy.

Baluke Dental Studios is a trusted laboratory for implant overdentures, implant bars including harder bars, and any of your lab fabrication needs.

We design and produce:

  • Complete overdentureswith all prosthetic elements.
  • Implant barsincluding versatile Hader bar

Learn about our services for implant overdentures and contact our team today to begin case planning for the best patient outcomes

The Unique Benefits of Implant Overdentures

Implant overdentures provide significant advantages when compared to traditional dentures. Available for both partial and complete arch restoration, clinicians will find that our laboratory services result in better quality overdenture components.

The quality of our work will ensure that patients have the best experience with optimal function. Clinicians benefit from reduced chair time, fewer unnecessary adjustments, and stronger reputations when using the best implant overdentures from Baluke Dental Studios.

If you are performing restoration with overdentures, consider the benefits for your practice and your patients:

  • Overdentures provide a critical advantage in the way that implants, unlike traditional dentures, help to replace missing teeth and preserve the structure of the mouth, jaw, and face.
  • Patients enjoy greater comfort with clarity of speech and no functional changes in the way they bite, chew, and swallow.
  • The appearance of implant overdentures is natural. At Baluke Dental Studios, we make the dental laboratory a place where precision art is created. Patients love the results provided by our work.
  • Minimal (often zero) gum irritation.
  • Adhesives aren’t needed.

Patients with implant overdentures can eat what they want and enjoy a standard of life that is similar to having complete rows of natural teeth.

Attachment Details

Hader bars are the Most Versatile Implant Bars

The most accurate overdentures are made by Baluke Dental Studios. Our team also produces Hader bars for difficult cases where patients have challenging anatomy. The Hader bar system is the most versatile implant bars system used today.

Hader bar implant bars are indicated in cases where:

  • Bone quality is compromised, requiring splint-like support.
  • Implants are divergent.
  • The prosthesis needs additional stabilization.

Hader bars are more versatile than traditional implant bars because they feature a single straight section with multiple bar sections between implants. Hader bars are compatible with rigid or abutment-supported prosthetic attachments.

fiberforce implant

Covering All of Your Implant Overdenture Attachments

Laboratory work is just as important as diagnosis and planning. When you have a patient seeking tooth replacement, the solution must meet expectations. This leaves no room for error or inaccuracy with implant overdenture attachments.

Patients are more educated than ever before. Implants are becoming more common, and people are more knowledgeable on their function and the results that are possible. High-profile celebrity restoration cases have created strong expectations among the public.

When a patient seeks out tooth replacement with implant overdenture attachments, they want to know that the solution will appear natural, while also providing natural function.

That’s exactly what you can provide as a clinician when you work with the team at Baluke Dental Studios. Our advanced laboratory, decades of experience, high-tech equipment, and keen attention to detail all result in the most accurate and durable implant overdenture attachments.

We work with you to become Partners in Precision. This is our program that ensures quality and consistency for every case. We are available for consultation and case planning and will help you to provide the best possible service chairside. The biggest problems in restorative dentistry occur in the communication between practitioner and laboratory. When the details of the case aren’t communicated, the implant overdenture attachments often end up requiring significant adjustment or complete rework before they suit the patient.

We eliminate this problem with the Partners in Precision program. We can work with your physical impressions, digital scans, and any other materials you have. We manage the process with frequent and accurate communication to ensure that nothing is lost along the way.

Our approach results in the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. Lower cost, reduced chair time, and improved patient outcomes are all yours to enjoy when choosing Baluke for implant overdenture attachments.

The Most Advanced Dental Lab for Overdenture Planning and Fabrication

Baluke Dental Studios creates overdenture components including prosthetic components using advanced materials like titanium, zirconia, ceramic, and precious metals. Insist on a laboratory where your patient’s needs are the priority.

We’re standing by to begin the implant overdentures consultation and case planning process today.