Dental Lab Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, located in southeastern Ontario near Montreal, Quebec. Situated on the Ottawa River, it is the home of the Canadian Parliament Hill and boasts a collection of impressive museums such as the National Gallery of Canada. It’s also a city with a large number of dental practitioners, many of whom rely on us to be the best dental lab in the Ottawa area. Some of our products and services include:

#1: Fixed Retained Dental Implants

Implant-retained bridges are fixed dental devices, which are commonly used to replace several consecutive missing teeth. This method requires two dental implant crowns to be inserted into the jaw on either side of the gap, with artificial teeth attached to them to complete the process. These implants provide denture wearers with rejuvenated dental health and improved quality of life and have become the restoration of choice for replacement of several missing teeth.

#2: Dental Crowns

Crowns come in multiple different shapes and sizes, all of which are designed to help patients resolve a number of dental problems. These serve a range of purposes, including the repair of a damaged tooth containing a large filling, covering a vulnerable tooth after a root canal procedure, fixing a malocclusion, and of course, covering the post of a dental implant. Crowns made by the best dental lab in Ottawa are crafted from translucent porcelain that resembles the adjacent teeth as much as possible.

#3: Orthodontic Appliances

As a full-service dental laboratory, we have provided a range of orthodontic appliances for more than 25 years. The most commonly-used appliances such as Hawleys, Twin-blocks and custom appliances are produced for Baluke Dental Studios by our own technologists. If a dental practitioner requires appliances imprinted with their own logo, we can do that too. Types of appliances include expansion / distalizing appliances, fixed appliances, functional appliances, and removable appliances.

#4: Sports Mouthguards

Pro-form sports mouthguards produced by the best dental lab in the Ottawa area offer benefits for wearers that include preventing the tongue, lips and cheeks from being lacerated by the sharp tips of the upper teeth. These mouthguards reduce the risk of damage to the anterior of the teeth caused by a blow underneath the lower jaw, which could otherwise cause cusp fractures and root fractions. These devices, manufactured by the best dental lab in Ottawa, also lower the risk of concussion from impact, minimizes the risk of jaw fractures and improves players’ confidence in multiple sports.

#5: TMJ Splints

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) is a serious problem for many patients, causing pain and difficulty using the muscles that move the jaw and the joints that connect the jaw to the skull. Splint therapy works by evaluating the joint tissue in the hinge during an examination and fitting the patient with a TMJ splint for approved monitoring. Common pain relievers and cold compresses offer temporary soothing, and the use of a mouth-guard can help reduce tooth grinding.

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