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Send an STL File

Our CAD/CAM digital department easily accepts scanned files provided by either the Cadent iTero™ or the CEREC® (Sirona) digital impression systems. Gone are the days of impressions with voids, pulls, or tearing. Without a doubt, the precision offered by digital impressions is unmatched and represents the near future. The digital scan is, quite literally, digitally perfect. This type of precision eliminates the need to re-impress patients and renders remakes all but a thing of the past. By removing the imprecision inherent withInter-Oral-DIGITAL-Scan conventional impression materials, you are able to deliver consistently impressive work that your patients trust you to provide. The learning curve for dentists and clinicians adopting digital scanning protocols is modest. Digital scanning also fosters easier communication channels between the dentist and the laboratory. What’s more, should questions arise, there is always a digital file for the laboratory and dentist to reference while consulting about a case on-line

For more information contact Corey Lewis CAD/CAM Specialist 1.800.263.3099 ext.17