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Dental Lab Ottawa

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Canada’s National Capital Region is a hub of economic and social growth. As the base of numerous government departments, non-profit organizations, and commercial businesses, Ottawa is one of the most important cities and metropolitan areas in the nation, and it makes up the core of the National Capital Region. Rich in history and home to almost a million residents, Ottawa needs innovative and reliable health services to function. Dental labs in Ottawa play an important role, providing specialist products ranging from dentures and prosthetic components to mouthguards and snore appliances.

Baluke Dental Studios serves Ottawa and the entire National Capital Region including Gatineau. Learn about our services and how we can help your practice to grow and better serve its community.

The Reliability of One of the Best Dental Labs in Ottawa

Our dental labs in Ottawa produce the most reliable restorative components used in complex dental treatment and maintenance. Our services are both industry-leading and cost-competitive, giving your practice the solutions needed to deliver outstanding patient outcomes.

Our processes and technologies are developed from decades of research and innovation. We lead the market as the best dental lab in Ottawa.

Accuracy is key to any successful dental restoration or treatment. Dental labs in Ottawa can sometimes struggle to understand the needs of clinicians. Baluke Dental Studios doesn’t have this problem. We work with you to become Partners in Precision, with detailed consultation and case planning to ensure that we deliver the best solutions from our dental laboratory in Ottawa.

Without efficient planning and communication with the best dental lab in Ottawa, your practice could endure reduced profits, increased chair time, and a diminished reputation with the public. Because we offer accurate and timely solutions with fewer adjustments and no major reworks, you can provide fast turnaround times on treatments, even for the most complex dental restorations.

Enjoy all the benefits of working with the best dental lab in Ottawa with decades of experience:

  • Baluke Dental Studios offers the best turnaround times for lab products.
  • Get ongoing customer service and support from trained experts.
  • Our pricing is competitive with other dental labs in Ottawa.
  • Our innovative technologies and talented technicians ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Our solutions are designed for reliable, fully functional, and esthetically beautiful restorations.

We use the most advanced equipment, innovative dental materials, and cutting-edge processes to maintain our position as the best dental lab in Ottawa. We are passionate about creating beautiful smiles with restorative solutions that are both comfortable and functional. From frameworks to custom appliances and dentures to TMJ splints, you can have confidence knowing that you’re providing the absolute best solutions to your patients. 

A Full-Service Dental Laboratory in Ottawa

Baluke Dental Studios is a full-service dental laboratory in Ottawa offering the most advanced restorative components and complete systems. 

Consider some of our most popular services to see how we can help your practice to succeed.

  • Fixed Retained Dental Implants – Implant-retained bridges can be used to replace several missing teeth in a row. From the support of two implants, patients enjoy a natural aesthetic with a functional bite that just feels right. We can create bridges from advanced materials including zirconia for extreme durability.
  • Dental Crowns – Restorative crowns come in all shapes and sizes and can address tooth loss and extensive decay. Repairing damaged teeth or completely replacing missing teeth with implants, the success of dental crowns relies on the dental laboratory in Ottawa. We work with your digital files or impressions to create crowns that are perfectly fitted.
  • Orthodontic Appliances – As a full-service dental laboratory in Ottawa we offer a range of advanced orthodontic appliances. We have been leading the industry with superior orthodontic appliances for more than 25 years. Twin-Blocks, Hawleys, and Custom Appliances can all be planned and fabricated by our expert technicians.
  • Sports Mouthguards – Athletes can enjoy superior protection against orofacial injury with our custom-fitted sports mouthguards. We use Pro-Form™ EVA to produce comfortable mouthguards that provide maximum protection without irritation or interference with breathing, speaking, and swallowing. Get custom-fitted mouthguards from the best dental lab in Ottawa.
  • TMJ Splints – Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) can cause debilitating pain and a significant decrease in quality of life. We are a dental laboratory in Ottawa producing custom splints that can alleviate TMJ issues, even in advanced stages. We can also create custom bruxism appliances to protect teeth from grinding.

These are just some examples of where we provide the most accurate and reliable lab services in Ottawa. Contact us today to talk about the complexities of any case and get the best support from our technical experts.

The Best Dental Lab in Ottawa

Your practice and your patients deserve services from the best dental labs in Ottawa. Continue to provide your community with outstanding restorative, cosmetic, and orthodontic dental services. Talk to Baluke Dental Studios now to begin case planning and see how much better things can be with the best dental lab in Ottawa.