Noble Biocare™ Package


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ONE PRICE restorations  –  “Keeping it simple !”

  1. Titanium Abutment with PFM  (Screw retained or cemented)
  2. Zirconia Abutment with all Ceramic restoration  (Screw retained or cemented)
  3. Full Contour Zirconia cemented restoration

Above ONE PRICE per Crown package includes:NP_5-Year_Warranty_300dpi_TB

  • Implant model
  • Soft tissue
  • Authentic Noble Biocare™ Abutment
  • Final Screw
  • Replica
  • Implant Jig (if required)
  • All Ceramic choices : Procera® Zirconia , Lava , Lava Plus or e.max Press
  • NobleProcera™ Titanium Crown or PFM  (PFM restoration includes up to 1.5 grams noble white alloy)


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