Lava™ Plus Hi-Translucency






Description:  3M™ Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia – milled Sub-Structure with Built-up Porcelain covering or FULL CONTOUR

Indications: Single crowns ; Crown on Implants ; Splinted crowns up to 4 units.  5+ unit bridges (up to 48 mm) with a maximum of two pontics next to one another in the posterior area and a maximum of four pontics next to one another in the anterior area. With a maximum of 1 pontics at the position of a premolar or incisor.

Material Composition:   100% Zirconia Dioxide and Layered Ivolcar D.SIGN Porcelain

Advantages:  Excellent wear resistance , outstanding marginal fit,  Biocompatible, excellent stain resistance for colour stability. Colour match to the VITA® Classical Shade Guide and VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER® Shades. Significantly higher translucency and unprecedented beauty – without compromising strength (1200mP)

High strength allows tooth-preserving ≤0.5mm minimum wall thickness – requiring 3X less occlusal preparation than lithium disilicate glass ceramic because of it’s 3X greater strength.

Insertion:  Bonded or cemeted – Conventional PFM techniques , 3M™ ESPE RelyX Ultimate cement

Working days in the lab: 8