e.max® Pressed Crowns



Descriptione.max® Pressed Ceramic Substructure. Pressed technology delivers the maximum flexural strength available. Pressed or built-up Porcelain covering .

Indications: Anterior and Strong enough for the Posterior FULL CONTOUR Crowns

Material Composition:  Coping: Lithium Dislicate,  Cover:Lucite-reinforced glass ceramic Porcelain

Advantages:  Great aesthetics, All-Ceramic, Bio-compatible e.max uses the strongest pressable glass ceramic ingot available with a flexural strength of 400 MPa.

Limitations:  Underlaying dark surface can only be opaqued in the mouth

InsertionVario-Link 2,  Multilink Automix, SpeedCEM

Baluke e.max Prep Guide

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Working days in the lab:  5