Captek™ Bridge



Captek™ is a patented “reinforced gold” technology for Crowns & Bridges , offering the esthetics of metal-free restorations and the strength of low or no gold PFM’s.

Captek bridge inside natural gold

Description  Reinforced Gold Sub-Structure with unique chemically and mechanically bonded porcelain. Has a composition and thickness which are ideal for long or short span bridges. Captek™ copings are connected to a bridge by specific soldering technique. The fabrication allows no casting distortion for a perfect passive fit.

Materials:  Internally reinforced gold ; 84% Gold 5.3% platinum 7.2% palladium

Advantages  Brilliant aesthetics, any margin design, resists plaque formation, can be with or without porcelain margins or metal collars.

Limitations: No more than 18mm span or 4 unit anterior or 3 unit posterior

Insertion:  Any traditional cement 

Working days in lab:  5