Captek Nano™ Crowns



Description:  Reinforced Gold Sub-Structure with unique chemically and mechanically bonded porcelain

Indications:  Anterior and Posterior Crowns ; 3 unit Bridges ; Implant abutments

Materials:  A pure noble metals combination comes in two thicknesses for anterior and inside of upper anteriors nice pictureposterior teeth. 84% Gold 5.3% Platinum 7.5 % palladium. Internally reinforced gold with nano technology

Advantages:  Brilliant esthetics, Eliminates black or gray margins, Positive gingival response. Strong and thin. Proven to be stronger than conventional cast PFM. Corrosion free , promotes healthy, esthetic tissue ; Plaque resistant.

Limitations:  Not indicated for 3/4 crowns, Cantilever pontics

Insertion:  Any traditional cement 

Working days in lab – 5