ATLANTIS™/ Astra Tech Implant™ Packages


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ONE PRICE restorations  –  “Keeping it simple !”

  1. Titanium Abutment with PFM
  2. Titanium Abutment with Titanium Porcelain CrownAstra Tech Single_3
  3. Zirconia Abutment with all-ceramic restoration

Above ONE PRICE package includes:

  • Implant model
  • Soft tissue
  • Authentic Atlantis™ Abutment
  • Final ScrewAstra Tech Single_4
  • Implant Replica
  • Implant Jig (if required)
  • All Ceramic choices : Zirconia , Lava , Lava Plus or e.max press
  • Note: PFM restoration includes up to 1.5 grams noble white alloy


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