3D digital dental prosthetics

3D digital dental prosthetics



3D Printing for Dental – Digital Services from Baluke Dental Studios

As one of the most significant revolutions seen in the industry in recent years, 3D printing for dental has improved the chairside and laboratory workflow while improving patient outcomes.

3D dental models and digital dental prosthetics allow for accuracy and faster turnarounds. Laboratory 3D models are more detailed than ever before.

Learn how Baluke Dental Studios uses 3D printing for dental to deliver the best laboratory services in Canada.

The Digital Workflow with 3D Printing for Dental

There are significant benefits for all parties when utilizing 3D printing for dental.

Analog impressions can be converted into digital files, but it’s more efficient and more common to use intraoral scanners at the chairside to capture all necessary data to create 3D dental models and digital dental prosthetics.

Your STL files can be sent directly to our laboratory for processing, and we will create the restorative product suited to the procedure and restoration that is needed. With digital case management, our laboratory can evaluate and revise digital models with your clinic to plan the necessary prosthetics.

The digital workflow goes all the way through to production.

  • A digital impression is captured to an STL file, ready for evaluation.
  • You can send your STL file directly to our laboratory from anywhere in Canada.
  • We design products using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.
  • Once the product is approved, we begin 3D printing for dentalusing the most advanced CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) equipment.

How are 3D Dental Models Utilized?

Dental models are key to accuracy when creating oral appliances and restorative components. Traditional physical models come with significant downsides that can slow the restorative or corrective process and increase the cost and procedure time.

3D dental models eliminate the risk of issues like incorrect tray selection, drags and pulls, poor separation, tray distortion, tearing and deforming of the dental impression, internal structural problems, and poor margin detailing. Baluke Dental Studios uses 3D dental models to ensure that we have the most accurate guide to create the best laboratory components in Canada.

If your clinic has invested in an intraoral scanner solution, you can improve the return on that investment by working with experts in CAD/CAM processes and digital fabrication.

We create 3D dental models from your digital files. If you’re ready to get started with case planning, contact our team today.

Digital Dental Prosthetics and 3D Printed Dental Models

There are various techniques utilized within the industry to create digital dental prosthetics. With the help of 3D printed dental models and digital scans, Baluke Dental Studios will ensure that the final prosthetics are accurate, reducing chairside time and eliminating the need for rework.

3D printed dental models are unique when compared to subtractive manufacturing where components are created from larger pieces of material that are then shaped in the laboratory. 3D printed dental models are made with a form of additive manufacturing where the laboratory 3D model is built up layer-by-layer using a specialized printer. This creates an accurate model with minimal additional processing needed. 3D models have significantly faster turnaround times than models created from physical impressions.

Digital dental prosthetics can be made with CAD/CAM technology and processed using laboratory 3D models to ensure accuracy. Manually finished prosthetics can also be made with 3D printed dental models where the accuracy is never in question.

3D printed dental models have uses beyond the creation of prosthetics. They can be used to create wearable appliances, for education, or simply to understand the size, relationship, and condition of teeth, gums, and arches for complex case planning.

Begin the Consultation Process to Create Laboratory 3D Models for Restorative Procedures

Partners in Precision is our in-house program that ensures accuracy and efficiency for every restoration, including those based on laboratory 3D models. Our lab specialists will work closely with you to understand your needs, the specifics of the procedure, and the needs of the patient.

A lack of communication is a common problem when engaging with a dental laboratory. Because we offer hands-on case management, communication is always free-flowing and we take steps to ensure that we have the right information to fabricate the most accurate lab products. Laboratory 3D models are made from your digital files so accuracy is ensured.

Whether you need 3D printed dental models for case planning, reference, training, or for creating specific restorative components like digital dental prosthetics, Baluke Dental Studios is a laboratory that you can trust.

Contact us today and benefit from our accurate 3D printing for dental which can be applied to an extensive range of restorative and corrective cases.