Dental Lab Pro Art

Dental Lab Pro Art

Pro Art Dental – What it Means to Our Dental Laboratory in Toronto

ProArt or pro art dental is a concept we follow at Baluke Dental Studios. While based on technical procedures, dental laboratory work could be considered an art form. Creating beautiful smiles is our passion, the technology is what takes us there.

With our approach to pro art dental, we ensure flawless smiles that will impress your patients and boost the reputation of your practice.

What Makes Artist in Dentistry “ProArt”?

The best dental solutions are those that satisfy the patient and the clinician. For our dental laboratory in Toronto, there’s no greater goal than creating positive patient outcomes.

ProArt refers to a healthy and happy smile, a patient who now sees the natural structure of their face with dental implants and prosthetics in place. ProArt is the way that we custom mill our zirconia abutments to perfectly fit among other teeth and provide the smile and bite that patients need for optimal health and self-esteem.

ProArt is also the way that we shade prosthetic elements to perfectly match the patient’s natural teeth. ProArt can even be the masterfully engineered full dentures that give a patient their bite and confidence back.

Pro art dental is a holistic approach to dental laboratory work. It’s not just about the individual product or service, it’s about the entire package and the elation the patients feel when they first look at their new smile when procedures and healing are complete.

We are the Leading Dental Laboratory in Toronto

Baluke Dental Studios has decades of history in the Toronto dental labs industry. A family-run business, we treat our clients and our staff like family, too. Because we have synergy working towards our core mission, we can achieve results that no other dental laboratory in Toronto can compete with.

We have embraced emerging technologies to deliver better services and patient outcomes to the clinicians that we supply. From CAD/CAM for abutments and dentures to the advanced alloys we use, everything contributes to our principles.

Our dental laboratory in Toronto strives to:

• Uphold a strict Code of Ethics in dental technology.

• Advance the leading edge of technology through our innovation, research, and education.

• Create a company culture where esthetically and functionally flawless products are delivered.

• Support dental clinicians throughout Canada with education, technical support, and case planning.

Any clinician seeking a dental laboratory in Toronto that cares about the patient outcome as well as the unique needs of the dental practice will love working with Baluke Dental Studios. You can begin the consultation process by calling us today to discuss your current cases and lab requirements.

Our Toronto Dental Labs – Products and Services Offered

We are one of the few Toronto dental labs offering a full-service lineup of laboratory options. Consider our work below and contact us to start the case-planning process.

Baluke Toronto dental labs is a provider and supplier of:

• All-ceramic (including Zirconia) crowns, veneers, onlays, and inlays

• Crowns and bridges including CAD/CAM products.

• Diagnostic waxes.

• Provisional components.

• Implant products including abutments, bars, frames, and hybrid restoration solutions.

• Removable dentures including partials.

• Specialist appliances including TMJ splints, nightguards, snore devices, and bruxism guards.

• Custom sports mouthguards.

• Orthodontic components.

• Cast frames for dentures.

• A range of sundries for in-office use.

• Printed models.

• Custom milling for a range of materials and restoration procedures.

• In-office staining and technical support.

• All your Toronto dental labs outsourcing needs.

Our approach to pro art dental where function and form come together flawlessly has helped us to build the strongest reputation among Toronto dental labs. Experience the Baluke difference by talking to a case manager today.

Partners in Precision for Case Planning

We offer case planning and technical support to clinicians throughout Canada. We’ve found that the biggest risk in the clinic-laboratory relationship is a lack of communication. Even when there is communication, it sometimes lacks focus.

To achieve outstanding results, the clinician and laboratory must have a mutual understanding of the case, the laboratory service that is required, and the intended patient outcome. Partners in Precision is our in-house program that covers case planning and management and efficient communication between your practice and our specialists.

Our attention to detail results in successful procedures without rework, minimized adjustment, and reduced chair time.

Baluke Brings Pro-Art Dental to Clinics Throughout Canada

Pro art dental is a concept that covers precision, esthetic, and a great patient experience. Experience the superior service and outstanding lab products that Baluke Dental Studios is known for. Start case planning with us today and get the support you need to help your practice grow.