Bits & Bites Newsletter

Dr Michael

| 08/02/2019

Having worked for over 5 years now with Baluke Dental Labs, I would highly recommend them. Their E-max crowns fit seamlessly with minimal adjustment on the contacts as well as the bite ……. The thermoplastic night guards have very little adjustment ……. Implant crowns/ posts, over-denture copings and processed temporary crowns are made very well and the esthetics have been outstanding. Sending patients down for custom shading and staining with anterior esthetic cases is never a problem for them. I have always been very pleased with the end results. Their attention to detail and knowledge of dental materials and techniques have been second to none. If you have a question, they always have time to speak with you and help you out.


Baluke dental labs have made my dentistry much easier and have taken away a lot of the stress involved when working with a dental lab such as when cases do not fit properly or the shading just isn’t quite right. They are just a fantastic lab and they really care about my patients and the quality of their work speaks for itself.